Helena Lopes

Life Isn’t About What You Do, It’s About How You Love

Love. It is a word we all are familiar with. It is a word that flows within. It is a word that has been there for long and is only used for someone or something very dear. It has different interpretations in our minds. We come across different kinds of love throughout the course of our lives. We feel love and we even see love in people. Whenever you look at the one you love, you feel love. A kind of comfort, a joy in your heart, and a relief in your soul.

Why isn’t love confined to a single feeling if it is such a rare yet important emotion to survive? As important as it is to survive, it is also a complex emotion that sometimes costs us our sanity and soul. We find love on the rarest of occasions, yet we feel love every day. Sometimes in a beautiful smile, in the look of an eye, in sacred glances, and at other times in stupid fights. It makes life easy. It makes smiling easy. It makes kindness easy and it makes living easy. It also makes life complex. It showers us with moments to cherish and offers lessons to retreat.

People you love have always had an impact on your doings. You either make decisions consulting them, considering them, or for them. It is never about you when it comes to love. It is just about them. Love makes you insecurely secure too. There are times when you feel they are only yours and there are times when you want them to be only yours. There is sharing in love but no sharing of the beloved. It makes you greedy, yet you set it free. You want to see the world, but with your world by your side. You laugh a little extra every day and you love a little extra every day.

It is not about how long you live or what you do in life, it is about how hard you strive for your love. How desperately you unravel all desires to fulfill that one chance at love. It is because love makes loving easy enough to last a lifetime.