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Love Will Never Be Perfect, And Neither Will People

Love will never be perfect, and neither will people. When going about our everyday lives, we need to remind ourselves of the things that cannot be seen on the inside. The scars, the past, the present, the future. People’s perfections, imperfections, and insecurities.

In relationships—it doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, a lover, a peer, or other—communication and opening up is key. Having time, patience, understanding, and a genuine love and care for another human being is essential for understanding the things we cannot see. 

These days, it feels like acceptance, patience, and understanding are few and far between. The realities of true love taking effort, work, and understanding seem almost unreal to come by. We’re too busy chasing perfection; we’re too busy acting like life is always okay. 

I’ve learned though seeing others around me in healthy relationships and those going through heartbreak that love will never be perfect and neither will people. 

Regardless of what social media portrays or makes us believe, happily ever after isn’t always perfect. We are human. We are taught to only share life’s beautiful things. To bottle up and hide our emotions, to make ourselves believe that we’re “fine” in times where our hearts or our heads are not. We are taught that opening up is a sign of weakness. 

So with this, I hope if you’re out there in love, searching for love, working on self-love, or on a journey searching for a “perfect person” even if that search of finding the “perfect person” is within yourself. Go with great understanding and patience that love will never be perfect and neither will people. We put great pressure on ourselves as well as others to be the epitome of picture perfect perfection.

Open up; find understanding and middle ground. Don’t hold back, trust, and take a leap.