Love Won’t Always Look The Same, But It Should Always Feel Like This

Love should be soft

Love should be kind

Love should show up in the dark to bring you light

Love should be a call away

Love should be a friendly voice

Love should be a laugh

Love should be a walk in the park on a rainy day

Love should be acceptance

Love should be your green grass, your glass half full

Love should be understanding

Love should be patient

Love should be reassuring

Love shall not fade, but will grow with time

Love should help pick up your pieces, not break them

Love should just work

Love should not hurt

Love should flow

Love should flourish

But mostly, Love, You will be there when I need you the most.

Love will choose you, without you having to choose it. Love is not instant or a sign staring you in the face saying ” I love you”. Love takes time. Love stays around through the sticky and uncomfortable moments of life and turns them into a positive. Love grows over time to create a bond that will last forever. A bond that will accept everything you have gone through and meets you where you are , however messy that place may be. Love is a strength that doesn’t go away although time may have passed and things in life change. Love will just be there regardless, with open arms wanting to step in and help. Love will be picking up the broken pieces with you to fit them back together again. The way love looks will not be the same to everyone, but the way love feels should be. Love can go away for a while, but it will always come back to its home, because when love surrounds you, it doesn’t always have to be present; you will just know it’s there.

That is what I believe love is to be.

Always, with love.