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Make 2023 Your Do-Not-Disturb Era

Make 2023 your Do-Not-Disturb Era.

A do-not-disturb era is all about protecting your peace. It’s about reserving your energy for the things that matter most to you. It’s about surrounding yourself with the people who actually lift you up, not tear you down and make you feel small. It’s about living your most authentic life and being your truest self. Because only then will you feel aligned. Only then you will feel most at peace.

In 2023, say enough with the people-pleasing, enough with bending until you break for people who wouldn’t move half an inch for you, enough with abandoning yourself for “friends” who never even bother showing up for you.

In 2023, stop forcing conversations you know aren’t going anywhere. Stop pretending you’re okay with disrespect and only receiving the bare minimum. Stop staying quiet when your boundaries are crossed over and over and over again. Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

In 2023, leave places you know you have definitely outgrown. Leave tables that only leave you feeling empty and find seating where you belong instead. Leave anything and anyone that makes you question your worth behind.

In 2023, focus on yourself and your wellness. Focus on your journey and stop comparing yourself to others’ timelines that are honestly irrelevant to yours anyway. Focus on becoming the most content, healthy, and actualized version of yourself.

In 2023, make sure you’re living your own life and doing what makes you feel the most fulfilled. Make sure you’re not living in a way that makes others proud of you but only makes you feel numb and miserable. Make sure you’re living intentionally.

In 2023, protect your peace. Protect your energy. And, most importantly, protect yourself. Do not disturb mode, on.