Maybe One Day The Universe Will Lead You Back To Me

Maybe one day the stars will align again for us. Maybe the universe will do everything in its power to shift our worlds back together. Maybe the strings inside of the moon will entwine once again, pulling our souls together so that we dance back into sync, so that we dance into the rhythm of each other’s heartbeats. Maybe the sky will bleed burning colors of pinks and oranges and reds in the hopes that our eyes wander towards the same shade. Maybe one day the magic inside of the ocean will dive deeper to make sure that we end up swimming within the same wave, to make sure our bodies leave an imprint on grains of sand long after the tide recedes. Maybe the sun will cradle the clouds in the sky for just that little bit longer before it settles down for the night, leaving a gentle glow that attracts the eyes of our souls so that they can make their way back home to each other. Maybe one day the silhouettes of our entwined wings will simply float away and become a distant memory, only to be seen by the stars in the sky.

Maybe one day my heart will come to realize exactly what it was about your soul that sparked something within mine. Or perhaps it will remember the moment I fell for you, the way it felt like gold; like beautiful beams of sunlight that would dance through my fingertips. Maybe it was the ways in which your eyes would search for mine in a crowded room, or the way your hands would ever so gently brush against mine just so I knew you were beside me. Maybe it was the moments in which my soul would sing to yours in quiet whispers without any words having to be exchanged, the kind of moments in which the world seemed a little bit softer with you in it. Maybe it was the way you reminded me of home. The way you reminded me of little pockets filled with warmth that would soothe my tired soul, like buttercups that had been dipped into honey, creating a glow that will forever stay alight inside of my heart. Maybe it was the ways in which you reminded me of the little things in life, the beautiful things, the things that are delicate and soft and painted with comfort. Because the truth is, you really do remind me of the simple, small joys that fill our everyday lives, like making coffee in your favorite mug on the mornings where the cold hangs heavy in the air or the moments when you see a painting for the very first time and your eyes widen with complete awe because you didn’t know anything could look so beautiful. You remind me of the gentle ways in which people take care of their favorite books, the way they carefully tuck away the kinds of pages that leave their chest light and free and inquisitive; the ways in which they spend their time underlining the quotes that stir something beautiful inside of them. I think it was a moment like those to which I understood that maybe our souls were perfectly orchestrated to walk alongside one another for a little while. It was during those moments I believed that no matter where you were or who you were with, you would always have a home within a piece of my heart.

But maybe it is time to let you go. Maybe It is time to set you free. Maybe it is time those strings that were once entwined inside of the moon were untied for the very last time, leaving our souls to dance for one final moment. Maybe it is time I used the wings you inspired me to grow; maybe this is the moment I am supposed to fly back towards my own path once again, even If it means leaving with a slightly cracked rib cage. I still look for you in everyone. But maybe it is time to accept that you were just meant to be tucked inside of a small, special season within my life. Maybe it is time to find the beauty within the knowing that in such a short amount of time you created a forever impact on my world. And on the off chance your soul forgets about mine, I hope you know that you were loved. I hope you know that you were loved endlessly, by me, a girl who wanted nothing more than to be remembered by the stars In the sky. A girl who wanted nothing more than to be loved—to be loved by you.