Maybe Their Punishment Is That You Moved On

Sometimes we get caught up in feeling rejected or betrayed and we just want to meddle in and do whatever it takes to feel better or put the other person through what we’ve been through, but we never stop and think that maybe their punishment is just leaving them all alone. Maybe their punishment is just moving on and letting them do their thing, because the truth is you can’t give someone more of what they didn’t appreciate. Loving someone more doesn’t guarantee that they will do the same for you. 

Maybe their punishment is that you no longer care about what they’re doing or who they’re with or who they’re talking to. Maybe their punishment is that you didn’t try to win them back or jump through hoops to make them happy. Maybe their punishment is that they let you go so easily, thinking you’ll be back, but you didn’t even try. Some people don’t truly believe that you can walk away from them or forget them even if they weren’t treating you right. Some people think they can disrespect you and get away with it, thinking that you won’t find anyone better than them. Some people think that you will tolerate anything just because you don’t want to be alone. Some people don’t know that you are capable of moving on and not looking back, and that’s why their biggest punishment is their own entitlement. 

The way they think that you will never be able to replace them, the way they believe that they own you or you’re too attached to let go. The way they play with your emotions because they know your keys by now and the way they give you mixed signals because they love being in control and driving you crazy. These people will never truly understand how to love because they’re too wrapped up in their own vices, the thrill of the chase and the game. They haven’t matured emotionally enough to love someone right, and that is their biggest punishment. 

Maybe their punishment is that you can read them now and you decided to unsubscribe from their issues and their games. Maybe their punishment is that they’ll keep attracting people who love them for all the wrong reasons and they will one day wonder why they didn’t value the people who loved them right. Maybe their punishment is that you moved on, and maybe your blessing is that they let you go, because instead of playing their game, you went out and looked for yourself and what you found was way more valuable than whatever they could have given you. Maybe your blessing is that you were forced to close that door, because you’re on your way to a much better destination and you are worth so much more.