Maybe You’re Supposed To Be Single In 2022

Maybe You’re Supposed To Be Single In 2022

Maybe being single isn’t as bad as you’ve made it out to be. Maybe you’re actually going to enjoy the extra time you have to devote to your passions, to your friends and family, to the little things that you neglected when you were caught up in your last love. Maybe this is the fresh start that you need in order to rejuvenate yourself. Maybe you’re going to come out of this happier than you’ve ever been. Maybe it’s possible for something as horrible as a breakup to be a blessing, too. Maybe some bad things have some good mixed in.

You’re allowed to cry over losing someone who meant the world to you. Your feelings are valid and you shouldn’t rush through the grief stage in order to reach a place of acceptance. Give yourself enough time to feel your feelings. But once you’re able to look back and say that this breakup was for the best, maybe you can start directing all of that leftover love toward yourself. Maybe instead of searching for another person to make you happy, you can ask yourself what you can do to make yourself happy. You can reprioritize so that you consider yourself a priority for a change.

As much as this hurts, maybe you’re supposed to be single right now. Maybe you’re supposed to spend some time alone because it will prepare you for a relationship in the future that is meant to last. Maybe this experience will give you a chance to get to know yourself again, to analyze your feelings and sit with them instead of pushing them away to focus on someone else. Maybe you’re exactly where you’re meant to be and aren’t falling behind like you’ve convinced yourself. Maybe a new beginning will pave your way toward the brightest possible future.

Heartache is never easy to process. Pretending there’s a silver lining when all you feel is pain isn’t going to work. You might need some time to adjust, time to get accustomed to this new normal. But once you’ve had a long enough break from this person and can see the ways you were mismatched, the breakup won’t feel like the end of the world anymore. Maybe it will feel like you’re finally free, like you can finally chase after the life you deserve.

Maybe having some space right now is exactly what you need. Maybe your single status will allow you to practice self-care and give yourself the attention you’ve been craving from someone else. Maybe instead of looking outside of yourself for validation and hoping someone else will see your worth, you should focus on raising your confidence and focusing on what makes you beautiful inside and out.

Maybe you don’t need this person’s love in order to survive. Maybe all you ever need is some love from the person staring back at you in the mirror. Maybe the moment you see your worth, you will realize that this was the best possible outcome.