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Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Was Almost Perfect—But The Fashion Wasn’t

Here me out. I LOVED Netflix’s latest creation, the modern-day take on The Addams Family. What’s more, I love that they opted to focus on a sometimes overlooked character, the gloriously-gothic Wednesday Addams.

Firstly, I adored Jenna Ortega in this role. I started fangirling after her appearance in the latest addition of the cult-classic Scream franchise. I am a die-hard fan of the slasher franchise and applaud her contribution to the beloved horror films. Taking that horror movie knowledge and badass teen persona to the next level equaled Wednesday Addams in the 21st Century. I must also add how on point it was for Wednesday to hate technology.

Okay, back to the FASHION. You can imagine my excitement towards seeing the iconic inspiration of Anjelica Huston’s Morticia Addams and Christina Ricci’s original Wednesday Addams and adding a splash of Gen Z to the mix. However, I was slightly disappointed to be met with not that many outfit changes.

Understandably, they were in uniform for the majority of the show. I just feel like it was a missed opportunity to show what the iconic fashion of The Addams Family would look like if the millennials and Gen Z were calling the shots. I, of course, loved Wednesday’s ensemble she wore to the Rave’N Dance, but aside from that, my fashion sense was not tingling for the remainder of the first season.

However, a special mention has to go to Enid’s color-coded outfits that matched her rainbow nails. I feel that Gen Z fashion inspiration was really embodied in Enid’s style. I also adored Bianca’s dress at the dance, which really gave a little siren-splash to the snowy white of the dance. I felt that it was the Rave’N Dance scene where we got to see a glimpse into the characters’ tastes in fashion.

I hope to see more Gothic fashion in season two–I think it would make my inner-child beyond happy.