Never Chase Someone Who Can’t Even Bother Seeing You In Person

If there’s one type of person you should never chase, it’s someone who makes absolutely zero effort to see you in person. While they may answer your texts, when it comes down to actually seeing you IRL, they’re either “SO busy with work” or made other plans before you had the chance to ask them out.

So you try again to make plans with them again next weekend and are met with the same, tired excuses. Rinse and repeat. They don’t give you alternative times for plans either. It’s always a vague “another time!” and you’re starting to wonder if that’s a day that even exists.

But still. You hang on. You want to give them the benefit of the doubt because you like them. You want to believe that they’re as busy as they claim to be. You don’t want to be clingy or come across as desperate because you’re not. You just want to make sure they know you’re interested in them and are understanding of their jam-packed schedule. Plus, if they weren’t interested, wouldn’t they have just ghosted you? Wouldn’t they just stop texting you back?

A harsh truth: They know you’re interested. They’re just not interested in you. It doesn’t matter if they’re texting you back. One, that’s quite literally the bare minimum but it’s also a sign they just like the attention. They like the feeling of being desired.

Because if they wanted to see you, they’d see you. They wouldn’t make it so hard. They’d find the time. They wouldn’t make you feel like an afterthought. They wouldn’t make you put in all the legwork. They’d match your energy and prioritize you.

But mostly, if they wanted to be with you, they’d be here.

Don’t chase someone who can’t even bother seeing you in person. Don’t be their idle hours, someone to text to pass the time. Stop settling for excuses and demand effort. Walk away when they can’t give you that. Believe what you see, and stop wishing for what you don’t.

Because you deserve better than being someone’s confidence boost. You deserve to be someone’s choice.