Night Visits

At night, Envy comes to visit me
Wearing a cool green dress
Her eyes are emerald, her hair is long
She tells me my suspicions are wrong 

At night, Insecurity comes to visit me
Clothed in black from head to toe
Shy and stuttering, her voice is faltering
I ask who she is but she doesn’t know 

At night, Anger comes to visit me
Dressed to kill in sinful red
With an arrogant chin, she always wins
And shows me her scars where she’s bled 

At night, Anxiety comes to visit me
She is the color of ash and broken glass
She is so striking I can’t even breathe
I’m paralyzed, I can’t break free 

At night, Grief comes to visit me
Floating in navy blue
She pierces my soul with her ocean eyes
And says, “You must forgive yourself, too” 

At night, Peace comes to visit me
She wears all white and glows with light
Holding a branch from an olive tree
She whispers to me, “Just let it be” 

At night, Love comes to visit me
She is lavender and lilac hues
She runs her fingers through my hair
And says, “Love will find me everywhere” 

At night, Hope comes to visit me
She is gold and amber in color
She takes my hand and I understand
That God will guide me through his plan 

At night, Joy comes to visit me
She’s a dream of yellow and tangerine
She laughs and when we start to dance
Says, “Take your time, you’ll get your chance” 

At night, God comes to visit me
He is all colors known to man
He carries me in his embrace
And all my feelings fade away
I was made in his image
He has made no mistakes
I am His and only His
Until the end of all days