No One Can Tell If This TikTok Creator’s Weird Videos Are Real Or Fake — @Masterchiefin12

One of the most bizarrely weird and fun TikTok creators, @masterchiefin12, (who we will call Chief to keep his personal life personal) has viewers laughing and scratching their heads wondering what’s real and what’s not. Is he really a stalker? Does the girl in his videos know what he’s up to? Is that his girlfriend?

@Masterchiefin12 also has an amusing sweater collection.

Real or Fake?

While it’s quite obvious to most people that the videos are staged, you’d be surprised how many times that question pops up in comments. 

Masterchiefin12’s crush is onto him and always trying to keep him away.

“I make outlandish videos that should point to the obvious truth that they are fake. I want the viewers to know they are staged without admitting it on camera,” Chief explained. “One of my most recent videos for example creating a ghillie suit out of laundry. I feel it’s pretty obvious it’s fake, but I still get quite a few comments questioning if it’s real.”

The Background That Lead to TikTok Fame

Chief started his journey to internet fame back in 2013 when he started a YouTube channel and began posting sketch comedy videos. It wasn’t long before he moved his creativity over to TikTok. 

“It never quite took off, and then I heard about TikTok. I thought, why not give it a shot?” he said. “At first, I began doing random stitches and the occasional sketch comedy video. Then the idea of a ‘creepy’ guy who goes through comedic means to spend time with his crush came to mind. I posted quite a few and they began gaining traction and here we are today.”

How Fame Found Him

Chief never expected to reach the level of popularity that he has. He originally thought his normal sketch-style videos would perform better, but is happy with the outcome. With more than 1.3 million followers on TikTok currently and that number growing daily, it proves he cornered the market on funny content that spans many generations of fans. 


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“I’ve always read that getting internet famous is a lottery and I just happened to get lucky and win the lottery,” he said. “I started doing something unique that no one else was doing and people enjoyed it so it took off. No one has recognized us in public as of yet.”

Who’s That Girl?

His “crush” often appears in the background because she can’t know he is there.

So the big question on everyone’s minds – who is the girl in the videos? And did she voluntarily sign up to be “stalked” by so many TikTok viewers? Who is his “crush”?

“The girl in the videos is my wife. I have to say, she is a real trooper for agreeing to make these videos so often,” he said. “Her take on the popularity is excitement and enjoyment. She likes going through the comments and being a part of the journey.”

All the cameos with the “crush” are super creepy.

When asked what Chief wants his viewers to know about his videos, he said that all the videos are seriously a joke (with the emphasis on seriously.) The videos are not real in any way, and his wife is a willing participant who’s in on the joke.

A Look Into the Future

Masterchiefin12 trying to break character.

With a background in film, Chief does hope to get back to creating videos on his YouTube channel in the near future. So what does the future hold? “I have a few plans in store, but it all depends,” he said. “I think of videos a few nights in advance and film them.”