Andrea Piacquadio

Not Everyone is Going to Resonate With You, And That’s Okay

We all have experienced it. I don’t care if you are Megan Fox or the most attractive person on TikTok, you probably have faced a form of rejection at some point, and that’s okay. We are conditioned to fear rejection. Our primal brain wants us to be accepted by the societal “tribe” or “potential partner” to ensure our survival and the continuation of the species. As heart-wrenching as this whole ordeal can be, after reading these perspectives, you may feel differently the next time you aren’t exactly someone’s cup of tea. Remember, if everyone liked you, you would probably be considered some version of normal. The definition of normal is essentially conforming to a standard, someone who is typical or does what is expected. It could be the rebel in me, but that is the last thing I am trying to be, so like I said, not vibing with every single human you meet could potentially be a good sign, and here are some reasons why.

1. Our Perception Is Severely Limited

Before you start overthinking whatever situation you may find yourself in, just remember this one crucial fact. Humans rely on our five senses to help us perceive reality. Unfortunately for us, these senses are severely limited. Our vision can only observe 0.0035% of the light spectrum and we only hear 20 Hz to 20 kHz of sound frequencies. This means that as human beings, we are never fully able to process everything in our reality. Not to mention our biases, conditioning, and previous experiences that are constantly clouding our judgment. With this in mind, you can help your ego process whatever letdown you may have experienced by reassuring yourself you never have the full picture. You don’t know what figurative bullet you just dodged, trauma they may be working through, or how miserable you both may have been had you pursued anything further. So keep your chin up, buttercup, and stop overanalyzing your reality.

2. Frequencies Don’t Always Match

You are made up of energy operating at certain frequencies. You can think of this as a human version of Spotify. Not everyone will resonate with your playlists, and that’s fine! It is better than listening to the same CD on repeat with your ‘90s Walkman, trust me. Individuality can be a very good thing. In terms of dating, if you are operating at a higher frequency than someone, you will not be an energetic match and vice versa. Here’s where it gets fun: Your body and subconscious mind can sense this. So while your conscious brain may be overanalyzing all the possible reasons things went south, underneath all of the obvious layers, your body knows you were not energetically aligned with that person in the first place. Dr. David Hawkins established the map of human consciousness that helps illustrate this idea.

3. We NEVER Have The Full Picture

I think we have established the fact that our senses are severely limited. But there’s an old proverb explaining how we can never label something as “good” or “bad” because we don’t know what happens next or have the entire picture of our life yet. Everyone we meet is a mirror, but they may not like the reflection they see when you come into the picture. Helping expose people’s shadows and areas that need healing is necessary for growth, but not everyone is ready to bloom at the same time. In the words of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, we really cannot take anything personally. So seek out the people who match your vibe and find your soul tribe. They are out there ready to celebrate your uniqueness and support you in chasing your wildest dreams.