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Not Wordle, Just The 20 Best Meme’s We’ve Seen About This Trend

If you’re anything like me and checks their social feeds a little too often, there’s no way you haven’t seen the new Wordle craze hitting our timelines, and newsfeeds, everywhere we go. Don’t be a square, and at least join in on the laughs if you won’t learn how to play…because same.

We love a good cartoon!

Seems sus.

Stay Hydrated

Spider-Man Who?



Accurate TBH

Do You Believe In Magic (The Gathering?)

Titans Activate!

This One Has Energy

Edward Is That You?

Netflix and Chill?

All You Need Is…

Just A Snap

Are You Feelin’ It Now

Coffee Anyone?

We Also Love Gus

It’s Written In The Stars

Harry Has Style