‘On My Mind’ Is For Anyone Who Feels Disconnected In Today’s Digital Age

In today’s digital age, we have more opportunities to connect than ever. So why, instead of feeling interconnected and supported, do we often find ourselves feeling more isolated, burnt out, and disconnected than ever before?

Creative Producer Raquel Quintana decided to question this notion in a new Thought Catalog video series titled On My Mind. Although lights and cameras are involved, audiences can expect to drop into the heart of a deep conversation between two creatives dedicated to authentic storytelling and unpacking raw emotions that we all share in this human experience.

“We live in a world of over 7 billion people, in a digital age where we can reach each other through a plethora of channels,” Quintana explains. “We can talk, text, tweet, Snap, DM, FaceTime, but this convenience cannot come at the cost of true connection.”

In each episode, Quintana, the series’ producer and host, sits down with artists from different industries and cultural backgrounds to dive deep into the topics that matter. “I really manifested this over time, and maybe one day I’ll get into the physical proof and emotional process that led to this moment,” she laughs, “but I’m so grateful for this opportunity to have access to artists who have genuinely inspired me, and to cultivate this space for shared learning and healing.”

The inspiration for these deep conversations is quite simple, she states. “I just got tired of opening Instagram or YouTube and feeling unfulfilled by the content that my algorithm thought a 24-year old Latine woman like myself would be interested in. For young women especially, our lives and interests are deeper than the latest beauty trends or celebrity gossip. We are forging our career paths, building relationships, unlearning behaviors from our childhood, healing traumas we never expected to face. I just wanted to create a place on the internet where artists from underrepresented communities could have a platform for their voices to be heard in an authentic way.”

By creating a space where we can explore honest and unfiltered conversations about artistic expression, personal development, mental health, and self-worth, Quintana hopes to grow a community that will serve as a reminder that social media can be utilized to foster connections that can be carried out into the real world.

“Whatever aspect of your life that you are working on, we are here to remind you that you are not alone,” Quintana said. “I hope you feel seen, I hope you feel supported. I hope you feel challenged and empowered. And most of all, I hope you recognize the beauty within your story and the power within your voice, so you can continue these conversations within your community.”

Coming soon to Thought Catalog’s Instagram and YouTube, the series opens with poet and author Reyna Biddy, who gets real about self-confidence, getting comfortable in your feminine energy, and trusting your intuition.

Keep your eye out for On My Mind for inspiration, advice, and honest reflection from creatives and their stories — and to empower yourself to find the beauty in your own.