Svetlana Zadiraka

On Your Darkest Days, Read This Positive Affirmation

The word “affirmation” comes from the Latin word which means “to make firm,” and an affirmation is something to make our lives firmer, sturdier, stronger. Please feel free to read the following life affirming positive affirmation anytime, in good times, and in challenging times:

Since the moment that you were born, people have cared about you.

People cared about you before you were born as well.

Since the moment you are conceived, you have an indelible mark on the world, and the world will never be the same.

Every moment of your life you are impacting everyone and everything on the planet. And everyone and everything on the planet cherishes you. The planet wants you to be here. The planet is listening to your words, feeling your every movement, reacting lovingly to your every action. The planet wants the best for you. The planet wants you to have good experiences, the planet wants you to learn and grow, the planet wants you to thrive. The planet will catch you if you fall. The planet will understand if you make mistakes in earnest, the planet doesn’t want you to feel hurt.

You will never lose hope. You will never turn your back on the planet. You will never say or do anything wrong in a way that that planet cannot heal from. The planet will always heal.

The planet has given you so much. The planet has given you sunshine, clouds, rainbows, and snow. Sometimes there are natural disasters, but not only will the planet always heal, you will always heal as well.

The planet has given you a multitude of activities to offer you stimulation, enjoyment, and a way to communicate with other people. The planet seems full sometimes, but there are still buildings to build, and fashion to design, and art to create.

The planet has given you opportunities that don’t require anything physical, like singing, dancing, and meditation. You choose to participate, or not participate, but you don’t thwart the energy of the spirit of opportunities.

The planet has given you people who are tied to you, and then you make your own ties. You embrace ties.

You love the planet, and the planet loves you back.