Kseniya Budko

Once Upon A Time, We Loved, And Then We Let Go

This tribute is for my greatest first and last love.

Even if it ends not being with you, I’m still grateful

Because you were the best one.

As I am soon turning thirty, nothing new and sparkly has arrived in my twenties so far as compared to when I was fifteen

Nowadays, I count my days that seemingly feel like I’m in a cycle

From sunrise to sunset just doing the same mundane things

Though I’d prefer it to stay that way

I’ll forever choose to be invisible and boring now that I’m an adult

If it means preserving those memories of innocence of me and you

Looking back to those times when we were fond of each other

And when we were just discovering for the first time what love is and how it feels like

Life indeed was full of zest because of youth

And you especially made me feel alive when we collided

To say it was “magical” was an understatement

It was by all means “beautiful”

Because I know I may never experience it again in my lifetime

That makes it rare as it was real, like finding gold

Time and time again I reminisce about those days

Since I know in my heart I may never get to have you in that state ever again

Even if our paths cross for the first time in years down the road

I would’ve been a completely different person as you would be

And we may not even recognize each other

You’ll be with a different love and I’ll be too

I’ll then be reminded of the part when we loved once upon a time, then we let go

And it will be a moment where it will linger on for the rest of our lives, even after the sun sets.