‘Our Flag Means Death’ Is Proof The Right Person Will Bring Out The Best In You

‘Our Flag Means Death’ Is Proof That The Right Person Will Bring Out The Best In You

(Spoilers ahead, so make sure you’ve seen all of season one!)

The right person isn’t going to ask you to change because they’ll like you exactly the way you are. However, they will inspire you to change. They will give you the push to become a better person because you want to give them everything they deserve. You want to be the person they see whenever they stare into your eyes. The person who is worthy of their time and attention. You don’t want to disappoint them, so you put energy into improving yourself. After all, you are a work in progress. You can always do better. And this person makes you want to try.

The best part of watching Stede and Ed’s relationship blossom is seeing the way these two men bring out softer sides of each other. Blackbeard was always viewed by other pirates as a ruthless killer who didn’t care about anyone, but we know that he has a heart. He would do anything for Stede, whether that means going on a treasure hunt or signing away his freedom. His adoration of Stede convinces him to try things he never would have been interested in otherwise — and once he thinks Stede is no longer in his life, he reverts back to his bad ways. He doesn’t think there’s a point in trying because the person who made him believe he was worthy is now gone.

In the real world, you shouldn’t correlate your worth to your relationship status. You shouldn’t let one heartbreak convince you that you’re a terrible person who doesn’t deserve happiness anyway. You should do the right thing for yourself, not to make your partner happy. However, our relationships have a huge impact on our lives. When you’re dating the right person, it can inspire you to put in more effort. It can inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself – while dating the wrong person could put you in a funk. It could make you complacent and uninterested in changing your toxic habits. It could make you more cynical and skeptical about what’s to come.

Our Flag Means Death is proof that the right person will bring out the best in you. They will help you see yourself in a brand-new light, and make you realize how many things you are capable of achieving. The right person won’t urge you to change your ways – but they will give you the support and encouragement to try new things. To grow into the best possible version of yourself. To rise above and beyond your own expectations. The right person will give you the courage to transform yourself because they’ll remind you that anything is possible. That you have what it takes. That you’re so much more complex and courageous than you believe.

Stede and Ed are proof that the right person is going to bring out a softer, gentler side of you. The right person is going to encourage you to be the best you you can be.