25 Parents Describe Their Daily Struggles On Twitter, And They're Sad And Funny At The Same Time

26 Parents Describe Their Struggles On Twitter, And They’re Sad And Funny At The Same Time

Being a parent isn’t easy — but you’re not alone in your struggles. There are thousands of people going through the exact same issues as you. Here are some of the most hilarious tweets about what it’s like to be a parent to remind you you’re not on your own:

Looks About Right

Guess It’s A Wash

Treat Yourself

A Warning Would Be Nice

Give Me A Break

It’s A Jungle Out There

Future CEO

Choose Your Words Carefully

Follow The Leader

Watch Your Language

The Fast And The Furious

Achievement Unlocked

This Is Getting Old

Expect The Unexpected

If It Works, It Works

Just The Way It Is

It’s Never Enough

Parenting 101

Remember Sleep?

Peace And Quiet

Human Furniture

Parenting Hacks

Kids Just Don’t Understand

The Crappy Truth

Happy Holidays

The Joys Of Parenting