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20 People Discuss Extremely Disturbing Paranormal Activity That Has Happened in Their Homes

1. Spirit of a Mischievous Man

When my son was 3 he started having dreams and visions of people coming out of holes and dancing in his room.  He said they were trying to tell him something.  He also said he would wake up to see faces in the dark and they were screaming at him.  There were many nights when his screaming would wake me up and I would run into his room.  It honestly sounded like he was being attacked.  One night in his room he was telling me about one of his experiences I saw a streak of white light move up over his face.  Another time I ran into his room and he was up on his knees looking around the room.  I didn’t say anything and just continued to watch him in the dark.  This went on for about 15 minutes and finally he looked at me and he said one word,  “Manya” – it was apparently his name for whatever spirit he was seeing.  Another time on the baby monitor and we heard a loud male voice say “stop that!”

We happened to know a mother and daughter psychic team and enlisted their help.  They tuned in and both said they saw an evil old man spirit from the 40s who brought in other souls to make mischief.  He also smoked a cigar (we often smelled cigar smoke in our hallway outside my son’s bedroom).  They tried cleansing the house remotely (they lived in another city).  We thought all was good until one evening we were walking into our dining room to sit down when my son went flying forward into the table.  He started crying and said that someone pushed him from behind.  We kept our son in our room that night and my wife and I both heard what sounded like an old man making gagging noises from my other son’s room (he was 11 months old).

Our friends put together a whole team and they came and cleansed the house.  It was quite a process and our neighbors probably thought we were real weirdos but they got the job done.  We haven’t had any issues in ten years. It was really scary!


2. Smacked in the Face

My story isn’t extremely distressing, but it’s halfway there. When I was younger (4th-5th grade)I lived in a small house that was really dark and quiet at night. I always woke up around, what it felt like, midnight most nights and would look for something to eat in the kitchen. So one night as per usual, I woke up and went to grab the first slice of bread from the new bread my mom bought that day. The kitchen is completely dark besides from the two small windows that were fogged so no one could look in. There was this small corner around my fridge that was just dark. Like darker than the rest of the kitchen even when there was light hitting it. However, I was partially asleep so I didn’t think much of it. So when I went to grab the slice of bread something hit me in the face. I went to wipe it off my face and all I felt were just long, long fingers. I was terrified and ran back to my room and as I ran I could hear and feel something chasing me and I could hear all kinds of things falling behind me as I ran back to my room frightened. When I got to my room I shut my door and felt my eye and it was bleeding. To this day I have a scar. Never have I encountered something that terrifying again.


3. Unexplainable Things

I live on the second floor of a two story apartment built in 1912, which originally was a mansion for some of the wealthiest in my town.

I’ve had multiple occurrences where id be home by myself, and id hear whistling. short tunes, usually only 2 notes or so, but they were so fucking clear and i could never figure out where it was coming from.

my mom often tells me the story of when she was asleep and dreamt of an older woman who seemed to be dressed in a more old fashioned way slowly walk into her room and sit on her bed. when my mom woke up, she could still feel the pressure of someone sitting at the foot of her bed. when my mom sat up to go use the bathroom, she felt something slowly and gently push her back down on to her bed. eventually, my mom was able to get up out of bed, but she could never figure out wtf happened.


4. No More Old Houses

This probably doesn’t fall under “extremely” distressing, but I’ll put my story down. The earliest memory I have is of an experience with an apparition, based on what I know I was no more than 3 years old when I saw it. Parents didn’t believe me, always had some explanation for me. We moved houses and tiny things would happen here and there, but once again my parents always chalked it up to an overactive imagination. There was a full body apparition that both my brother and I saw as it walked past a doorway while we were home alone. Fast forward to getting married and moving into an old apartment, things start to heat up a little bit. Bins would get flipped over and the contents dumped on the floor. Things would slide off of the back of our vanity (about 18 inches deep) and fly 3 feet to hit the footboard of our bed, not gently. More activity then I had experienced before but still not a lot. We moved into an almost brand new apartment, and while one or two things happened things calmed down significantly. Then we moved in with my in-laws while my husband went to school. Queue the real events. The house would go through periods of high activity, particularly centered around me. My husband would hear me calling him from another room, I wouldn’t be calling him. He would see me pass by the bottom of the stairs as he was coming down and would follow me all the way around the corner into the far room only to dead end with the room empty. I came in from the chicken coop to him upset because I’d been calling him from all over the house. I’d been outside the whole time. It would make one of the dogs go absolutely feral, barking and snarling at nothing. I would have small, soft items thrown at me. I would hear clapping and walking around the house, and the dogs would go looking for what made the noise. Here’s the main story. My husband was working nights and I was home alone on the farm while the in-laws were out of state on a trip. One of the dogs goes into an episode, staring at nothing in the middle of the living room absolutely losing it, rabid dog. I CANT get her to calm down. Usually a light touch on the back will snap her out of it but I could not call her off this time. I finally go to my room to take a breather and I hear her stop. Maybe 15 minutes later she’s at it again. I can’t describe how terrifying it is to see her like this, like I said absolutely feral. I go halfway up the stairs and am talking to her through the bannister, finally get her to come over to me and stop barking. She keeps looking next to me at the top of the stairs, then a huge slam on the baby gate there happens, rattling the gate and the banister. I ignore it cause I’ve heard that’s the best thing to do when something’s right next to you. The dog barks but I get her stopped again. Then right in my line of sight I see a pen slid forcefully off the table, flying multiple feet before hitting the ground. The dog immediately runs to attack, and goes into another fit looking at something next to the table. I start to lose it, immediately go back downstairs to my bedroom. I sit on my bed next to my cat napping there. He stands up and comes to me since I’m upset and crying. I hear the dog move back to barking in the living room, closer to my room. A minute later my cat turns to look at the doorway, his back raises up ears pin back and his hair stands on end looking straight at the doorway. I ran out of the house at that point. That was the worst it ever got. I have lots of other little stories though. I just moved into a brand new house and (knock on wood) nothing yet. I refuse to talk about paranormal activity aloud in any home I stay in, and I think subconsciously I pushed myself to only move into a new construction for fear of stirring anything in an existing house up. With what I know about the experiences through my life compared with where I was staying, I’ve kind of begun to think I might be a poltergeist. A new construction home was the only place I felt safe moving into. So while my story isn’t to the level of a horror movie, I’m happy to be out of old houses and apartments!


5. Haunted Childhood Home

My childhood home was notoriously haunted. We moved into the house when I was around 6 and my brother was 3.

It started slow with him and I seeing weird things at night and constant nightmares. Things would go missing only to return a few day later. We would constantly hear people talking, foot steps, and doors slamming when no one was around.

Over the years is started to escalate and there are a lot of stories so I have included a few.

One parent was in their bedroom during a party when they heard a child running and the door to their walk in closet creeked shut. She assumed it was me or my brother and went to open up the door. When she did some of the t-shirts that were hung close to the floor were swaying. Peaking out from behind them was a little girl she did not know. The little girl vanished before her eyes.

I was home alone waiting for my bf to come over. I heard him call my name so I came out of my bedroom and headed towards the front door. When I came to the stairs that sperated my room from the front door I saw this…thing?… it almost resembled a person, pitch black, crawling up the stairs…it cracked its neck to look up at me and i ran. I called my bf and he wasn’t there yet. I hid in my room until he came.

The last one I’ll put is after my family moved out we rented it for a while. the tenant complained of similar things that we experienced in our first few months there. He went out of town and left his dog in the garage. His friend came to check on it and the dog was missing. He later fount the dog (who was fine just scared) locked in the crawl space that was completely separate from the garage and two closed doors away from where the dog was left. This crawl spaces was the worst place in the house for negative activity.


6. Lady in White

My family has always seen, heard and been around paranormal stuff. I have 2 that are final proof to me, one is distressing and the other has so few logical explanations.

Distressing first: I had a friend that would crash at my place all the time. Slept in the lounge and struggled to sleep. Never said why just complained. My mom asked him if he’s seen the lady in white and he said pretty seriously “so she is real”. Apparently comes in the the back door and walks down the passage towards my room or vise versa. Now before this talk happened my gf at the time always woke me up to walk with her to the toilet to stand outside and walk back. I am scared of the dark too but whatever I can do it. Now it was my friend who asked her if she had seen the lady too and they were talking about it. For those curious, I and my sister have seen since. We sleep on the opposite side to my mom.

The proof one is in a hallway with no windows we have a whiteboard. It’s hung perfectly level, no funny business with the pen tray. South Africa has no(rarely ever) earthquakes. The door is next to but was closed on this occasion. All was still and calm. My dad and I were talking about the ghosts and what we hear and think when a pen launches off the tray for the whiteboard as if somebody casually swept their hand out from whiteboard to edge of the tray. So the pen flew off horizontally. No cats and nobody was standing within a meter of it. It wasn’t violent but like you popped it off onto the floor to annoy somebody and make them pick up. Not that I’m saying that was an intention but the kind of trajectory it took. Didn’t spin so it wasn’t an edge catching (there are no edges. It was just on the tray in the middle).


7. Just Passing Through

My first home was purchased in 1998, in St. Petersburg, Fl. My mother got the listing, because the owner’s nephew found her business card on his aunt’s fridge.

The aunt didn’t die in the house. She was quite elderly, and died in a home. St Pete has a few.

I met Helen, the aunt and previous owner, a few years later. One night, while lying in bed watching god only knows what on the TV, I looked up toward the master bedroom door. Helen stood in the doorway, in a nightgown. She was quite pretty. She was very young. My wife slept next to me, oblivious.

My two young boys were undisturbed, as we’re the dogs. I was 33, sober, and I know what I saw. It was peaceful.

She made her one appearance and left. I think she was just passing by. Good energy visit, I think.


8. Living Near a Cemetery

We live in an approximately 150 year old farmhouse, with a cemetery across the road that hasn’t seen a burial since 1870 (apparently the records office burned down, so they lost the exact plot locations and just opened up another cemetery 300 feet west of us).

About a week after moving in, my wife and I were eating dinner, and my phone (which hadn’t been touched in quite a while and was sitting on the kitchen counter) says in Siri’s voice “You are in my realm.” and nothing more. We both heard it clear as day, and there was no history of the phone saying it.

Then my cat was absolutely relentless in getting me out of bed in the middle of the night- at first I shrugged it off, but then got thinking maybe something was on fire or whatever. She led me downstairs, nothing. I went outside to see if there was anyone out there, and it was the deadest silence I’ve ever heard in my life. I noped out of that and came back inside. When I went to go back upstairs, I stood in something cold and wet. I bent down to see what it was, and my feet were totally dry, it was just a very strange cold spot. When I stood up, the feeling of a hand on my shoulder was unmistakable. The cat was just starting at me very intently.

TV remotes go missing constantly (I think we’ve lost six now). I’ve had every single piece of furniture out of the tv room, as I renovated the whole thing, never found one.

About a year and a half after moving in, I bumped into a former coworker at a flea market who knew where I lived but hadn’t been told about any of the “occurrences.” She said “go introduce yourself to those people over there, they lived in your house in the 80’s!”

So I did, and the first thing they asked was “How is the ghost doing?”

They said it had a fondness for messing with the TV and would open doors (sometimes at very useful times, like when carrying a bundle of firewood).

And one more addition to the story, a good friend of mine (who I met after moving here, and again, never mentioned any of this stuff to) was standing in my driveway and just randomly said “dude, there is some strong spirit activity here… wow!”


9. No More Basements

From Indonesia where paranormal activities are quite normal here. But then I had this one disturbing experience.

One day I went into my uncle’s home in Geneva. He loves collecting statues or historical stuff. Then I got a duty to take out the trash that day and I went to the basement where his office-room at. It’s a small room like 2 x 3 meters. Then somehow I saw a statue of a goddess with 4 or 6 arms and the aura in that room just suddenly cold.

There were 4 rooms in the basement. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, office room, and storage room. Somehow after I took all of the trash, I cannot find the stairs to go back. It’s gone, literally … gone! I was quite panicked and then I smell some strange scent, like an ancient flower.

I went into the office room and I spoke to the statue. “Hey, I am sorry if I disturbed you in ways I cannot imagine. I need to go back upstairs okay? Just let me go.” Then after that, I can see the stairs again.

But after that, it took me years to be able to go to any basements.


10. Bad Idea to Make Contact

My newlywed husband and I moved into our first home. It was really old and run down, good bones but had sat empty for a number of years. We learnt after moving in that the previous owner, an elderly lady Mary, had been moved into an old folks home due to dementia and then recently died. Someone had left her funeral pamphlet in our letterbox and her funeral was at the church next to our house. We understand that she had lived there her whole life and never married or had children. The house was opposite a small waterhole, I’m not sure how to describe it.

The activity started off mild when we moved in. We could hear footsteps like someone running on timber floorboards at all hours of the night. At first we laughed it off. Within two weeks we were joking about our ‘ghost’ and my mother bought me sage to ‘cleanse’ the house. She put it on my bed but it disappeared. It reappeared later in a cupboard in an unused room in the house. With it was a very old photograph of a little girl in broad hat in front of our house. Creepy but we were unfazed. We are atheists and didn’t bother with the sage.

One night, the footsteps intensified. We could hear it outside our bedroom door which was open. I looked up to see an apparition of what looked like a boy who was in swimming trunks. I screamed, I was so terrified. The next day we ‘cleansed’ the house with the sage and the activity stopped. I did some research later and found a news story of a boy who drowned in the waterhole opposite the house who was the same age as Mary. Maybe they were friends.

Everything was normal again until we renovated the house. The footsteps were back and the activity intensified. Objects would slide off tabletops and crash into the wall. Small pieces of furniture would be knocked over before our eyes. My baby/toddler would scream at something we couldn’t see. We found that talking about ‘it’ or acknowledging it made it worse. My mother came over for a coffee and I was telling her about what was going on. At that very moment a large cook book flew off the shelf and onto the floor a few feet away. There was so much more but I’ve tried to forget the whole experience.

We decided to ‘make contact’ with it. This was a very bad idea. I looked up some YouTube videos… I wont go into what I did but I blacked out (middle of the day, broad daylight) and was sent to a hellish void. I could hear screaming, growling and could smell smoke….It was like a near death experience but instead of a bright light I saw hell. I know that sounds insane and I thought so too. I went to hospital to be assessed thinking that I must be crazy or had a seizure or a brain tumor or something, anything to explain what had happened. I am in fact 100% healthy and sane. No carbon monoxide poisoning, no nothing.

Everything stopped, we did not talk about it for fear it would come back and a year later we moved away. My youngest child knew nothing about what had happened and had just begun to talk. As we pulled into our new house she cried and begged for us never to return to the old house again. She said it scared her. Nothing weird or creepy has happened to us since and I have never gone back to our old house. We still own it though.


11. 3 AM Visitor

When my aunt used to live at my grandma’s house she used to sleep on the couch in the living room. The floor is a tile floor throughout the house except the bedrooms. She said that at around 3am she would sometimes hear a person walking up and down the hallway and what sounded like chains being dragged behind them, but no one was there.


12. The Angry Basement

The basement was angry.

First night renting a duplex, spouse and I were unpacking and multiple items flew off a shelf. We said fuck that shit and went upstairs for the night.

This happened multiple times in our 4 years of living there. We would often get the sense that we were being watched in the basement. Its hard to describe, but the feeling was that we just weren’t welcome down there.

By coincidence, I later ended up working with a woman who had lived in the place years before me. Her husband killed himself, violently, in that basement.

Fuck that basement.


13. Ghost Thief

I have a ghost of a boy who died in the 20s in my room And he literally steals things from plans sight when you look away and then they’re gone And the only way to get that object back is to politely ask him for it. It then appears ether somewhere that was searched multiple times for said objects of where it is physically impossible to get there.


14. Whispers

My husband likes to mess with me sometimes by whispering or mumbling silly things from across the room. One night, he was in the bathroom down the hall from our bedroom. I was sitting on our bed and heard some mumbled whispering, which I ignored. Then I heard by the faintest whisper “can you hear me?”. I loudly said “Yes!”

My husband popped out of the bathroom and said “huh?”

I replied “Yes, I heard you.”

He said he hadn’t said anything. I explained what I heard and he thought I was messing around with him. He got really freaked out when I said I was serious. Then I realized HE was serious and hadn’t been messing around with me, either.

It freaked me out a little bit but seemed harmless. My husband was significantly more distressed.


15. Strange Occurrences

My grandparent’s bought land and initially lived in a trailer there while building their home. My mom lived in the trailer with them and told me many stories, but the most disturbing was about something crawling on the ground beside her bed and whispering her name. She also had something get in the bed and lay down beside her. After the house was built, she started messing with Ouija boards and actually had it tell her the name of the man she actually married later in life (his name was Shannon, which she thought was weird at the time because it seemed more like a girls name). The thing she was talking to told her what it looked like and she woke up with it standing over her bed one night. She would wake up in the middle of the night and it would have turned off every light. She lived in a downstairs apartment at the time and would purposely leave on the tv and several other lights.

I lived in the house and wound up moving into her old bedroom and eventually into the downstairs apartment. It came out one night when I had friends over, slammed doors, ran through the upstairs of the house, talked to us on recording. My friend saw the ghost of our dead cat walk through the wall. Same cat got in bed with my grandma once. I saw the shadow of something with horns on my wall one night. There are stories about this thing going into my grandma’s room from before I was born. I had a man moan in my ear once while I was up drawing around 2 am alone. My mom’s ex actually saw her in the downstairs den and that version of her floated through the furniture. He was a big guy and had served time in prison but was legit terrified with his arm hair standing up after he saw it. I saw a ghost of myself in an empty mirror once. There are more stories, but these are the main ones that always creeped me out. I think my mom using the Ouija board riled things up, but things started before she ever even did that so I thought maybe it could be an Indian burial ground or something?


16. Glowing Red Eyes

Depends on your definition of distressing, but when I was 4-5ish I had to go to the bathroom, and my room is right across from the bathroom, as I was going across the hall I had an intense if pulling my head to look to my left, at first i didn’t see anything but then I saw two glowing red eyes 6-7 get high, the one thing I remember is that it was 8 feet down the hallway, I was almost frozen in great but I bolted into the bathroom and stayed in the bathroom for what felt like forever.


17. Life Altering Experiences

What happened to me shaped who I am. I don’t tell anyone and I don’t expect to ever be believed. Its a horrible feeling. I was 10 and 12. Different houses. Completely different experiences.

When I was 10 I woke up in the morning from a normal nights sleep sat up and watched a ghost/spirit float from the roof in the corner of the room down to right next to me. He never broke eye contact. He Sat next to me for a few seconds and disappeared. He was wearing what a 10 year old would think was an old army uniform. You think you would be terrified but it was nothing but pure peace nothing like I’ve ever experienced. I ran out and told my mum straight away. She was so casual about it. actually still annoys me to this day. She said yeah I seen the same man 10 years ago. Of course I didn’t believe her but she continued with 10 years ago I told grandad (her dad) and he looked up our family history paid for everything and found a man named Jessie (same name as my brother, my mums son, who died 7 years earlier) who worked as a train guard over 100 years ago who’s uniform resembled army uniforms. Had she not told my grandad I never would have believed her.

When I was 12 my mum had been abusing me and my siblings all day. Everyday was hell but this day was bad. She even got in the local news paper for cheese grating my face on the road, smashing my face on the curb and then biting my cheeks while she pushed my face into the curb. I had to stay in my room all day. (A consequence of not being able to find an item we all know she hocked into cash converters, she was sick) The big fight started when I ran out to stop my mum bashing my little sister. We tried to escape and went to the police station but the police of course drove us straight back to mums where she acted normal and sent us to bed in front of the police. She went into my sisters room and blamed me for everything. “I love you sweetheart can’t you see this is all Laura’s fault” on and on she went. I could feel rage boiling inside me but didn’t dare move or make a sound. She then came into my room and started bashing me. When she walked out I felt the most rage I ever felt even to this day. It felt like I reached the maximum amount of rage a human body can cope with. I looked up and this red human/animal face was right there in front of me just his face no body. I could recognize the human parts of the face but there was something not human about it that’s why I say animal. I don’t actually know what it was. This thing tried to make me kill my mum. It all happened within a few seconds but just for a second while looking at this demon thing nothing else existed except killing her. I mean nothing else existed. I felt myself reject the shit out of that. What ever rage I thought I was feeling was gone. The demon thing was gone. I was in shock. I was in what I felt like was pure rage but it was nothing compared to what emotion it takes to kill. Honestly I get so angry thinking about never being believed. I’m a normal person who’s seen both sides. Both sides of what :'( how can heaven and hell be real I’m not religious I’ve never been religious and never will. But honestly we grow up hearing stories about this. And I have to live with the knowledge there’s a shit ton of truth to it. I hate thinking about it I try not to but that’s my experiences.


18. What Do You Think You’re Doing?

So late one night I wake up to someone shuffling through the stuff on my desk, I can see them standing there despite the dark….and so I say “what do YOU think you’re doing?!” assuming that it was one of my brothers looking to borrow one of my games and the sound of stuff moving stops, the shape I can very clearly see freezes but no one says anything. So my nearest flashlight was mounted on my handgun so I reach over and grab that from the safe mounted into the top of my custom built nightstand and turn it on and shine it around…..no one was there. Get up and turn on the lights, check around the room, under the bed all that jazz trying to figure out where this person I clearly saw went. Check my desk to see if anything is missing, nothing was missing but things were definitely moved around, go over and check my door….it was deadbolted shut. Still wonder wtf happened that night…


19. Open Fridge

So our kitchen and living room are just very close to each other, one time I was watching Netflix at like 11pm, I got thirsty and so I went to our fridge and i was shocked that it was very open when no one even went there. I just didn’t took it that much and got my water.

An hour later maybe that was like 12:30am, I was feeling sleepy so I turned off the TV and went to bed when I saw the fridge very open again when I closed it last time. I don’t know if I was tripping but I definitely closed it like how I close the car door.


20. Ghosts Who Died in the House

When I was about 12 I saw a ghost but this is a ghost of someone who killed his own wife in my bedroom then killed his 2 sons in the living room and then kill himself in my room. I hear the voices of his son’s and wife and his footsteps. Saying I am next or something I don’t really understand stand it.