25 People Discuss Their Favorite Easter Egg in a Movie, Show, or Game

1. Duke Weaselton

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a favorite, but I was really excited when I noticed it.

Alan Tudyk is the voice of Duke Weaselton in Zootopia. He’s also the voice of Duke Weselton in Frozen (who insists his name is not pronounced Weaselton).

Also in Zootopia, there is a scene where Weaselton is selling bootleg DVDs, most of them are ones included characters voiced by Alan Tudyk.


2. Memento

Memento DVD. There’s an Easter Egg in one of the menus where if you click on it, movie will play in chronological order. It changes the film quite a bit.


3. A Farewell to Arms

After chopping off his hand in Evil Dead 2, Ash traps it under a trashcan weighed down with a pile of books. The book on top of the stack is A Farewell to Arms.


4. Arkham City

An Arkham Asylum Easter egg that showed plans for the sequel game, Arkham City. It was so well hidden that the developers had to leak it.


5. Half Life on Disc

If you played Half-Life on a disc like a caveman, AND you had a second CD player in your computer, you could put a music CD in the second slot and the game would replace its soundtrack with the tracks from the CD. It was very surprising to round a corner, be met with soldiers, and suddenly have the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” suddenly fill the speakers.


6. Wait 13 Minutes

(Game) Far Cry 4 : if you wait roughly 13 minutes when Pagan Min comes back (From first Mission) and he takes you to a shrine to leave the ashes behind. Once you do that, the game is over.


7. Pterodactyl Cameo

Because Citizen Kane was filmed on a studio lot, scenes set in fancy buildings had footage of nature projected onto the windows to make it look like they were in exotic locales. The nature footage selected was from King Kong, another movie the studio owned. As a result, if you look really closely, there are pterodactyls flying around in Citizen Kane.


8. Dead Troll

The dead troll under a bridge in Oblivion, on whose body a suicide note can be found.

“Mee wurst troll evurr nobuddy pay brijj tole me nott sceary enuf mee gett drunc an kil sellf troll droun.”


9. Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods has several solid Easter eggs and references. But I loved seeing the boomer from Left for Dead as one of the monsters.


10. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

In Community, the third time in the whole show that the word ‘Beetlejuice’ is uttered (S3 Ep5), a man dressed as Beetlejuice walks past.


11. Secret Crossover

There is also an episode of Community where Abed works as an extra on the show Cougar Town. He is supposed to be a customer at a cafe. But he keeps eating the food during every take, until he gets sick and vomits.

Cougar Town actually has an episode where the two characters are in a cafe talking. In the background, Abed is one of the cafe customers, and he suddenly stops eating, and gets sick. The characters never react, and because they are the focus of the scene, Abed is pretty unnoticed in the background.


12. Coffee, Anyone?

There’s a Starbucks cup visible in every single scene of Fight Club.


13. Arrested Development

I feel like Arrested Development just in general is my favorite Easter egg. That show is so dense I discover something new every time I watch it.


14. They Are German

Saving Private Ryan, those “Not German” Germans weren’t actually German.


15. Gravity Falls to Rick and Morty

In one scene of Gravity Falls, some unimportant stuff gets sucked into Stan’s portal. In a scene of Rick and Morty, the same things fall out of one.


16. Stephen King Books

In almost every Stephen King book there is a reference to another Stephen King book. My 2 favorites: Misery, where Annie Wilkes talks about the Overlook hotel that burned down not too far away. And 11/22/63, where The main character goes back in time to the 50s and ends up in Derry, Maine. He meets Beverly and Richie from It and teaches them how to dance.


17. Chrome Dinosaur

If Chrome can’t load a page/ lost connection you can press spacebar and play a game with the little dinosaur there.


18. Atari

The invisible dot you had to find in the black castle in the old Atari 2600 game, “Adventure”. You then brought it to a place in the game and you could go to a secret room where the programmer’s initials were. Has to be one of the first game Easter Eggs.


19. Jango Fett

In Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Jango Fett hits his head while entering his ship.

This is a direct reference to the storm trooper who accidentally hits his head on a door in the original Star Wars film.

The storm troopers are supposed to be clones of Jango Fett, and was a cool in movie explanation for something that would otherwise be a blooper.

It’s a blink it and miss it shot, I only noticed it because George Lucas mentioned it in the DVD commentary.


20. Lone Pine Mall

It’s a fairly popular one, but Lone Pine Mall in Back to the Future.


21. Pixar Movies

I enjoy all of the ones Pixar puts into every movie. Boo holding out a Nemo toy to Sully in Monsters, Inc. George (the monster who always gets the “2319” treatment) being apart of a rival fraternity in Monsters University. The Pixar ball in the little girls room in Up when Carl’s house floats by. Mike Wazowski swimming around during the end credits of Finding Nemo. There’s also the Planet Express car in every movie. I just really like Pixar. (Wow…I just realized pretty much all of these are about Nemo or Monsters, Inc.)


22. Dodgeball

I know I’m late to the party, but mine is in the movie Dodgeball. If you hit enter on your remote every time White Goodman snaps his fingers, it will take you to a hidden scene. There are some pretty funny ones.


23. The Same Bible Verse

On nick fury’s (Samuel Jackson) grave in Captain America Winter Soldier it has a Bible quote Ezekiel 25:17 ” the path of the righteous man” which for those who have been living under a rock is a famous quote and one of the more popular scenes in the film pulp fiction that Jules (Samuel Jackson) made before killing somebody.


24. Marvel Movies

I know it’s coming in every Marvel movie, but I always enjoy looking for Stan Lee.


25. 4:20

Every clock in pulp fiction is set to 4:20.