25 People Discuss How They Would Handle A Girl Approaching Them And Saying ‘Pretend You Know Me, I’m Being Followed’

1. Walked Her To Her Friends

Happened to me in Chicago a few years back. My fiancée and I owned a little clothing shop in a pretty nice area (not that it helped us any hah!), and a women who was pushing a stroller, walked up to me and put her arm in mine, and whispered “please walk with me”

She discreetly pointed to a pretty sketchy looking dude down the alley. He had been following her for a few blocks.

She told me she’s seen him before and she’s very worried he wanted her purse (or worse). So I walked her to the Starbucks two blocks down where she was meeting a group of friends. The guy stopped following when he saw she was with a dude. I’m not huge by any means but I’m 6’1” so at least there’s that.

I was just so glad it worked. Poor woman … can’t imagine that fear—especially when you’ve got a newborn with you.


2. Pretend We Are Friends, But Cautiously

Pretend we’re friends, but not follow her to a second location.

That seems like a good way to lose a kidney.


3. Shopping Buddy

This happened to me about three years ago. I was in Home Depot and a young woman (about half my age) walked up to me, with a guy right on her shoulder babbling about something, and she said “Uncle Steve! I didn’t think I’d see you until Mom’s birthday party!” I looked at her a little confused, but she made a “help me!” face, and so I said “Well, you’re in town already! This is a fun surprise! You wanna shop together? We can talk a little while we get our stuff.” She gave the kind of look I expect Superman gets when he plucks somebody from a burning building.

Creepy guy was still there, so I made my voice a little gruff and said “Do you need something?” He said no and went away. We shopped and got our stuff, checked out, I walked her to her car and watched while she drove away.


4. Walmart Shopping Pals

I had something similar happen once at Walmart but it was a little less overt. A girl a little younger than me came up to me and asked if I could grab something from one the top shelves. I’m 6’3 and get asked for help all the time so I said sure, what’d she need me to grab, but she kind of whispered she didn’t really care, just anything and kind glanced behind her at some guy down the aisle. I ended up walking around with her while she grabbed some other things, we checked out and walked out together.

The guy didn’t seem to be any different from anyone else shopping for groceries, but she obviously thought something was up with him. I mean I’ve helped folks in those motorized carts grab basically their whole lists, so what’s 10 minutes this time?


5. New Sister

Actually happened to me once. Girl approached my wife and me at a bar and asked if I could pretend to be her brother, some guy was creepin’ her out. I was just like “Hey, there you are…didn’t you see us sitting here?” Dude left.


6. Our New Friend

I’ve had a chick come and just kind of forcefully insert herself at a bar table when some friends and I were out. Just kind of took over the conversation, loudly, and kept kinda looking around nervously, and maybe 15 minutes later just up and left straight out the door. It took a while for us to actually understand what had probably happened.


7. Fake Boyfriend

I bartend, and have been a fake boyfriend more than I have been a real one haha.


8. An Extra Gift For Helping

Was in a small nightclub one night when I was 18, went up to the bar to get a drink and there was a girl standing with 2 guys, as I approached she call “there you are I’ve been waiting to get your drink”. I played right along because who turns down a pretty girl wanting to buy you a drink. The 2 guys turned and left and she explained they were foreign and creeping on her bad. So she joined me and my friends then when we were all leaving and walked outside here’s the 2 guys hanging around. So I said I’d walk her home, it was a small town so not far out of my way. Got to her parents house door and we kissed for a while then she went inside.

My shortest route to get home was across some school playing fields then a dark lane, once I was onto the paved lane I started to hear footsteps coming up behind me and they were getting faster, I assumed I was getting jumped so waited until the last moment and spun round and here she was, rest of the night was fun but she also gave me crabs.


9. Big Viking Dude

Aw man. I remember being at a bar and telling this guy I had a boyfriend and still getting harassed, dude was all up in my personal space, like, right up in it, and some big Viking looking dude put his arm around me, looks the dude in the eye and goes “I’m the boyfriend.”

I was left alone for the rest of the night haha.

I don’t know who you are big Viking dude because you disappeared into the night, but I hope you’re living your best life.


10. Depends On The Location

If I’m here in Canada, I will do my best to help her.

If I was in Bogotá where I used to live, I would assume it’s most likely a scheme to rob me so I’ll split my energy: 80% escape / 20% assess if she is really in danger.


11. Tell Her I’m A Cop

Say “I am an off duty police officer, who is following you?” if you look like believable as one, or say “my dad is a police officer, I am meeting him around the corner, follow me.” if you look like that part. If the girl don’t run away from you then it is likely she is in real danger, then you can tell her that you were testing her to make sure she is not scamming you.


12. We Ended Up Dating

Happened to me. Or close to it. She wasn’t being followed, but a creepy person was trying to intoxicate her in a packed bar. I noticed, approached her and said “Oh hey!! Long time no see, how are you doing?” (I’ve never seen her before)

She immediately reacted and started chatting with me. After a while the person tried to pull her back saying “hey, she’s with me” and I was like “oh not right now dude, we haven’t seen each other for a long time”.

We ended up dating.


13. Understand The Assignment

The instructions were quite clear.


14. It Does Work

It works in real life. Me and my mom were on a tourist trip in Istanbul 13 years ago. We were taking photos near Blue Mosque and noticed some weirdo who was apparently watching us from a distance. We continued our way and he was behind us all the time staring. Passing a busy shopping street we recognized one male shop owner who we had had a chat with the day before and approached him. Started a conversation and told him that there was a guy following us. As soon as he saw us talking to someone in a friendly way and pointing in his direction, the stalker immediately disappeared. It was an unpleasant experience.


15. Nearly Got Robbed

This actually happened to me in a grocery store. The girl said a Guy was stalking her outside and she came back in locked arms with me and explained. I ended up walking her To her car and she asked that I followed her, she was house sitting around the corner. I followed her but the guy also followed. Long story short, he came in with a weapon and it was all a setup to rob me. Thank god the neighbors noticed and called the cops.

No good deed goes unpunished. In retrospect I should’ve left when she was in the home. But my dick was telling me that this is how porno’s start and I let that get me into a bad situation.


16. The Lesser Of Two Creeps

This actually happened to me in the autumn. A girl sat next to me on the train because a creep was following her.

It was funny because I think I look like a creep.


17. Time To Go Live

Start a public live stream with my new friend and try and capture all people that are around us and talk loudly about our surroundings and all that.


18. Outsmart The Creep

Take my clothes off and chase after the guy following her.


19. Stay In A Busy Location

Pretend that we are friends then take her to a busy restaurant/store and stay with her there until she contacts her boyfriend or husband or friend, and I wait with her until they come.


20. Well That Sort Of Backfired

This happened to me in Vegas…it was wild. Two girls walked up to me and a friend of mine at a bar with a creepy older guy hovering behind them. They started talking to us as if our parties were together. I was so confused but caught on, and awkwardly asked if they wanted to go get another round at the bar before realizing their drinks were full. I joking grabbed one of their cocktails and downed it to give us an excuse to go – it was one of the last things I remember from that night. The guy had roofied her drink.

I’m not a small dude (easily had the girl by 70lbs) and within 30 mins (I’m told) shit went sideways for me. Before I lost track of everything, I distinctly remember him watching us like he was waiting for something. To this day I’m grateful I picked her drink.


21. Hit On Him

Act like a fabulous gay friend hit on the stalker.


22. Pays To Be Big

One time in a bar years back, a girl came up behind me and said urgently “pretend to be my boyfriend. Please.”

I see an angry guy shoving his way through the crowd towards us. I causally put my arm over her shoulder, and made eye contact with him. She was trembling violently.

He slowed a bit. I’m 6’4, 240. I just glared at him. We’re standing at the bar; he’s approaching from behind, she’s on my left staring straight ahead, with her back to him, I’m looking at him over my left shoulder.

I kinda growled “what?” at him as he stopped. He mumbled something I couldn’t hear over the music, and cleared off. After a minute, she stopped shaking, said thanks, and left. And that was it.

Yes “r/thathappened” but this is an occasional part of being tall and big. More often though, you just get asked to lift heavy stuff, grab things from the top shelf, and stand in the back for every photo.


23. Flip The Script

“Ah great, I’ve been looking for you. We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”


24. Beware

This is how I got robbed in Arizona. Some girl approached me saying she was being followed. I told her to get behind me and next thing I know I felt cold steel on my neck and two men came out of nowhere.


25. It Happens Often

I’m 6′ 3 ~250lb and I cannot count on both hands how many times a scared woman has joined my brothers and I or my friends and I, asking if we can pretend to know her because of some guy not taking no for an answer. We’ve walked people to cars, gotten people cabs, waited with them until they felt safer. I am always happy to help them, because I hope someone will do the same for my female friends, but it’s sad that the need is there.