25 People Discuss the Unsolved Mystery They Would Love To See Solved

1. Appalachian Trail Murder

Two hikers on the Appalachian Trail were found in their tents with their hands bound and their throats cut. They never found who did it.


2. The Long Pause

Why the Polynesian people stopped sailing for ages in an event known as the Long Pause.

About three and a half thousand years ago some time after Polynesians explored the Pacific and arrived at Fiji, and despite some evidence that they were expert wayfarers and navigators and boat builders, they just stopped. Stopped sailing, stopped exploring, stopped travelling for nearly two thousand years.

And no one really knows why. We’ve got theories from multiple bad storm seasons, to El nino effects, to moana’s interpretation that it was caused by the Rock stealing the heart of creation and causing sea monsters.

That last one is probably the least likely.

But we have enough evidence to be confident it happened and no concrete idea why.

And its a tantalizing mystery, because there was so much of Polynesia left to explore.


3. NYC Missing Doctor

What happened to Sneha Anne Phillip, the NYC doctor who disappeared on the night of September 10, 2001. She was officially added to the 9/11 victim list and memorial in 2007 after her family fought for it in court.

But her rocky marriage, professional problems, and the fact that no one knew where she was the night of Sept. 10th have led to a lot of speculation that she was the victim of foul play, or that she took 9/11 as an opportunity to run away and start a new life.


4. The Only Non-Terrorism Homicide on 9/11

On that note, Henryk Siwiak was murdered on 9/11 (the city’s only non-terrorism homicide of the day, officially the only homicide the city had that day) and his murder remains unsolved.

Didn’t help that, due to every single homicide crime scene unit being somewhat busy, a CSU meant for non-violent crimes eventually showed up to process the scene.

One theory is that it was a hate crime, as he was dressed in camo and spoke heavily accented English (He was a Polish immigrant), so someone may have mistaken him for a terrorist. But no leads were ever found.


5. What Happened To Amelia?

Would love to know exactly what happened to Amelia Earhart

Edit: the theories are all more than likely and one of them is probably the truth! But it would still be cool to have the full story and closure.


6. Kidnapped Siblings

Beaumont Children. To lose one child to a kidnapper is awful, but all three of your kids? Unthinkable.


7. Hinterkaifeck Murders

I’d like to know who did the Hinterkaifeck murders. Five members of the same family and their maid, all killed.

Six months prior to the murders, the previous maid quit because she heard weird sounds coming from the attic.

The dad found a strange newspaper. They thought maybe the postman had lost it. But it turns out nobody in their little village subscribed to this particular newspaper.

A few days before, the dad found tracks in the snow leading to their machine room whose door was broken into. Later that night they heard footsteps in the attic.

The day of the murders, the new maid arrived. And then it happened. All six people killed.

Four of them were lured to the barn where they were killed with an axe or some other farm tool, I forgot. Then the killer or the killers went into the house and fucking killed the two year old kid and the maid with the same axe.

It’s considered one of the most brutal murders in the history of Germany.


8. The Secret

The Secret. In 1982 an author published a book with clues to 12 hidden boxes containing keys buried in North America. The keys can be traded in for jewels. Only 3 have been found. The author died and supposedly only he knew the exact locations. I live in one of the cities that likely has a buried key and it drives me crazy that the rest of the puzzles will likely never be solved!


9. Missing Australian Boy

William Tyrell, a little boy who went missing here in Australia around 7 years ago. I believe they have officially ended their latest search for him.


10. Kid on the Train

Andrew Godsen. Kid who just randomly got on a train one day and disappeared completely.


11. The Bottom of the Sea

What’s at the bottom of the deep blue sea?

Always strange stuff being recorded down there.


12. How Did It All Begin?

How the universe started.

What was it before? If it’s nothing, how did something come from nothing? Will people have the ability to comprehend such an answer?


13. Asha Degree

The case of Asha Degree. It’s been over twenty years and we have no idea why a nine year old girl left her home in the middle of a rainy night. Other than a few eye witness reports and some belongings, there’s essentially nothing. No body, few leads, and it’s been over two decades. The worst part is that the parents’ worst nightmare happened on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be their wedding anniversary.

Edit: Phrased the last sentence wrongly. What I was trying to convey was how horrific it was that the special day was marked with a heartbreaking tragedy. So no, it wasn’t the worst part per se, just a horrible coincidence.


14. Abducted Child

I haven’t seen any other comments about this so I’m just gonna put this out there: what exactly happened to Lindsey Baum. Me and Lindsey were family friends just before she went missing. She was 10, I was about 8. I didn’t grasp what had happened until years later.

TL;RD: 10 year old girl is abducted without a trace in 2010 from McCleary, WA. The case is completely cold until 2017 when a fragment of her skull was found 100+ miles away in eastern Washington. Authorities have a possible suspect but to this day no arrests have been made.


15. The Disappearance of Brandon

The disappearance of Brandon Swanson. Long story, probably semi-wrong here. Anyways..

He was coming home from a party or something. His car broke down, and he called his parents. They heard him say “Oh shit!” Followed by silence. It took a couple minutes for the call to end. He literally disappeared.


16. The Sodder Children

Realistic unsolved mystery I would like solved is what happened to the Sodder children. The surviving family members deserve peace after so long.

Unrealistic unsolved mystery I would like to know what some of these UAPs we have seen the last 7 or 8 years are. For real.


17. Susan Powell

I’d like to find out what happened to Susan Powell. She disappeared under super mysterious circumstances (he claims he went camping with his young sons at midnight in a snow storm, in the middle of Utah, and said she was home…but had her phone, purse, and some weird heavy duty burning equipment that’s not normal for camping) and they’ve never been able to find her body. Her husband, being an abusive nut job, somehow managed to get back into their home after she was reported as missing and cleaned everything up in the house…and barred the police from entering again. Never cooperated with police.

Long story short, he lead investigators on a literal goose chase and basically said they’d never find her. His family refused to cooperate with the police, though it’s hinted they might know something. A year or so later, he murdered his young sons with an ax and set fire to their home, taking his own life in the process. So tragic.


18. Cruise Disappearance

The case of Amy Lynn Bradley. She was on a cruise with her family and disappeared. Some witnesses have allegedly spotted her being sex trafficked but no one knows for sure what happened to her.


19. The Island

Easy. Epstein. And take down anyone that was involved with him.


20. Girl Scout Murders

The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders in 1977. It’s absolutely chilling. The evidence against the guy they arrested was inconclusive. He was acquitted and then he died of a heart attack at 35 (while in prison for other crimes).


21. Watts Case

It’s not technically “unsolved” but I’ve always wanted to know what actually happened in the Watts case. What was the ACTUAL plan? When Shanann came home late that night did it mess up the timeline for Chris? Were his little girls alive on the ride out to where their bodies and Shanann’s body was found?

Seeing the footage on their ring cam will always haunt me.


22. Eva Roy Murder

The murder of Eva Roy.

The police spectacularly botched the investigation (even for early-1900s standards) from the beginning. The only suspect who actually made it to trial was a man named Lou Hall who had a ton of circumstantial evidence against him, including bloodied clothing, yet he was ultimately acquitted.

Hall is one of my great-great-something uncles and the family has long been convinced that he was indeed the culprit. It would be nice to finally have confirmation.


23. Disney Cruise Employee

I wanna know just what the hell happened to Rebecca Coriam. She was working on a Disney cruise ship when she disappeared and there’s never been a decent explanation of what happened.

Disney claimed she simply fell overboard and offered false evidence to backup the claim. It’s believed that Disney, and perhaps also Bahamian law enforcement were involved in some sort of cover-up.

Unfortunately, I don’t think her family will ever get any real answer, considering just how rich and powerful Disney is.


24. Boy in the Box

With forensic genealogy taking off, I think we’ll get some answers in the Boy in in Box case in the near future.


25. The Yuba County Five

The Yuba County Five (aka The American Dyatlov Incident).

This mystery is what got me into unsolved mysteries. None of it makes much sense.

Basically a group of special needs adults were driving home from a basketball game and ended up nowhere near home. They abandoned their undamaged car and the remains of all but one of them were found over the area. The Nexpo video linked above describes the situation very well.


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