30 People Discuss The Disney Movies That Can Be Remade Into Convincing Horror Films

1. Pinnochio

This!!! What a grim & twisted story!

When it was released, some critics accused Disney of scaring children.

As a kid I found it uncomfortable and frightening. The scariest part with the bad guys, of course, but the rest of it as well.

Pinocchio wasn’t that nice of a person. Geppetto – why was an old guy so fascinated with having a young boy in his household that he (Geppetto) was probably too old to raise to adulthood?

Even as a kid I thought the whole thing was creepy, beginning to end.


2. Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue

There’s a documentary called “Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue” that discusses the evolution of the American horror film from the silent era up until the early 2000s. They specifically reference Pinocchio with shots of the scene where that kid transforms into a donkey. It’s in the context of talking about why people do or don’t like the horror genre and how even the early fairy tales, like Grimm fairy tales, were meant to scare people, specifically children, into obeying. All of the original Grimm tales are insane.


3. Zootopia

Zootopia can be a really fucked up place. It could easily pivot into a neo noir serial killer flick.

It puts the lotion on its fleece, or else it gets the hose again!


4. Beauty and the Beast

Might be a cool twist on a horror movie to show the victim ACTUALLY succumb to Stockholm syndrome and become a submissive slave. Like a psychological horror. Make her go from resistant to complaint so slow and insidiously that watchers feel “oh god, that could be me”

I can just picture an ending where Belle has a real chance to escape, you see internal conflict in her eyes, but she closes the castle door, locks it, and the camera zooms slowly away from the closed door in silence. Roll credits.


5. Peter Pan

Peter Pan stuck in his childhood forever so he continually steals kids to play with and murders them when they age, Captain Hook is trying to stop him


6. Hook

Now I’m thinking or a tale about Hook, a grizzled older father who lost his child to the legend of Peter, an urban legend thought to be myth until he happens about a local child named Wendy enduring the same fate.

It would read like a missing children case, as they all try to find out if Peter is real or just an urban legend.


7. Inside Out

“Inside out”

A young girl trafficked by people claiming to be relatives is taken to another city to live. With only the voices in her head as her companions, she is forced to decide whether to live in her memories or submit to the horrors of her new life.


8. Maybe All of Them?

I think all of them could.


9. Frozen

Frozen. Anna gets tired of getting left out and not having powers that she goes on murdering anything with power including Elsa.


10. Song of the South

Oh man, Just imagine a full blown horror remake of Song of the South. The controversial themes, animation hybrid, and iconic song all ripe for a remake/reboot.

Now here’s a cult film waiting to be made.


11. Bambi

Bambi- the deer are in an Amish community where there are no hunting seasons or rules. Even Bambi isn’t safe (young deer meat is more tender). 


12. Bambi Is Disturbing As Is

Bambi was disturbing. When I found out about the “hunting” customs of some of the European royalty in earlier centuries, the real-life customs were far more disturbing than the movie. Some for of those customs is what the “hunting” part of the movie was depicting.

I think the book was originally supposed to be a coming-of-age story, but also a kind of expose of the callous and exploitative way that people viewed wildlife in the author’s place and time.


13. Encanto

Just came from the Encanto subreddit and a lot of the gifts could be really scary for the ordinary people in the village if the Madrigals wanted/needed them to be…Camilo’s: anyone might not be who you think they are. Those who know you might not realize it isn’t you they’re talking to. He’s capable of seeing what you look like undressed. Dolores’s: nothing audible is a secret. Antonio’s: make him mad and even your own pets and livestock could turn on you, like The Birds but with EVERY animal. Luisa’s: no barrier can keep her at bay for long. Isabela’s: even when she’s happy she sings of strangling figs, hanging vines, and carnivorous plants.


14. Most of Them Are Already

Most Disney movies are already horror movies. Step mom tries to hunt down and kill daughter and poisons her, step mom get murdered by gang of short men. Uncle murders father and tries to murder nephew for the throne. Monster kidnaps girl in exchange for letting her father live, after man tries to force her to marry him.


15. Tangled


Child abuse galore, there’s no way she would turn out as developmentally secure as she did.

Then when she leaves. Young has never left her tower and doesn’t know anything about the real world? No way people wouldn’t take advantage.


16. Finding Nemo

Just take the first few minutes of Finding Nemo and you wouldn’t even have to edit anything.


17. Brother Bear

Brother Bear is really screwed-up. For killing a bear, a man is forced to become a bear that understands other animals. Thus, he’ll hear a lot of unnerving shit that the Circle of Life gives. You could even keep Joaquin Phoenix as the protagonist without missing a beat.


18. Snow White

Snow white. What the actual fuck is going on in that like she lives with 7 dwarfs that are all in love with her because her stepmother tries to murder her and get her heart in a box.


19. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty. She was being raped by the prince, and only awoke because her water broke and she had to give birth.

Little Mermaid. She gets rejected by the guy she was in love with and committed suicide her body turns into toxic seafoam that kills people.

Cinderella. The 2 step sisters mutilate their feet in an effort to get the slipper to fit.


20. The Emperors New Groove

The Emperors New Groove. A man cursed to live inside an animal body fighting his way through a jungle while pursued by an evil witch trying to murder him…sounds a touch horrific to me.


21. Cinderella

This isn’t conventional horror but Cinderella could be remade into a [satire] true crime horror movie about a PEASANT who scammed her way into a royal family. Fooling a poor, innocent prince and all.


22. The Incredibles

The Incredibles: Irredeemable

Mr. Incredible goes berserk and decides to kill a couple million people.


23. All Disney Movies

Literally all of them.

Beauty and the beast is mostly their. Monster turns people into pots and candle holders.

Toy story. Your scary alive toys hunt you at night time while you arent looking.

Alladin has a giant deamon genie.

Wall e is already snow piercer.

Little mermaid? Evil sea witch turns people into slugs.

Cars. Fucking cars. Do they take each other apart for parts? Do they need oil changes? So could you drains somebodies oil and chase them to death? Can you rust to death? Junk yards?


24. The Little Mermaid

A take of The Little Mermaid would be interesting.

Starts out with a young woman falling in love with a man she doesn’t know. Eventually falling away to madness so deep so physically alters her body to match what she assumes to be his type.


25. Disneyfied

Since a lot of them are sanitized versions of fairy tales that are grim and pretty dark I’d say most of them, this is partially where the “Disneyfied” term comes from

Personally I’d like to see an animated movie done in the cute Disney style of the original Pinocchio fairytale, where he kills Jiminy Cricket with a hammer when he teases him about being made of wood and got his feet burned off.


26. Toy Story

Do I really have to say it? Toy Story, it’s about non-sentient objects coming to life look man those things really scared me as a kid especially Toy Story 1.


27. Any Fairytale

Any fairytale. Just ask the brothers Grimm 🙂


28. Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and stitch could turn into a pretty freaky sci-fi horror.


29. The Fox and The Hound

The fox and the hound, the old man would make for a scary horror villain and he’s got the tools for it.


30. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins. She was practicing witchcraft with the Banks children. Could have very easily gone the other way.