25 People Describe Their Local Unsolved Mysteries

1. Delphi, IN

The Delphi murders. Two young girls killed by some creep on a walking trail in Delphi Indiana. They found a clip of video/voice of perpetrator on one of the girls phones, but no ID yet.


2 Stabbed 27 Times

A lady was stabbed 27 times while locked in her apartment, the boyfriend was banging on her door for her to let her in while it was happening, she was heard screaming, there were no signs of forced entry or exit, no fingerprints on the knife, no traces of anyone else in the apartment, no nothing, the case was ruled as a suicide but recently opened back up because they skipped over some details or something like that.


3. West Mesa Murders

The West Mesa Murders in Albuquerque, I don’t know if it was a smart murderer or just bad police work but I would sleep better if someone was caught.


4. Missing Toddler

Lina Sardar Khil a three-year-old Afghan girl went missing from her apartment complex while playing in the playground in December 2021 San Antonio Texas.


5. Boy In The Box

“Boy in the Box”. In Northeast Philadelphia many decades ago, the boy’s body was found abandoned in a box. They have not figured out who the boy is, or who committed the crime. He’s been given a burial place in a local cemetery with a headstone, just waiting for his real name. You can Google the exact details, try boy in the box Philadelphia.


6. Appalachia in the 1920s

Back in the 1920s, in a small town in Appalachia, there was a woman who was found with her throat slit ear to ear, three gun shot wounds to the back of her head, and a single shot to her newly pregnant stomach. Her body was dumped on a basically deserted mountain, and found after she was missing for a week. She was brought to the morgue, along with her purse full of her belongings. The next day, the medical examiner goes to perform an autopsy on her body (she was found late at night), and finds that her body is missing. The only thing left was her hairbrush, that looked as if the body thief had accidentally dropped it on the floor.

Fast forward to 2010, a very old hotel in the town burns to the ground. As they demolish it, and bust up old concrete, they find a body. They did some DNA testing, and find out it was that woman who’s body went missing all those years ago.

It’s believed that her husband killed her, because everyone in that small town knew she was “friendly” with other men and had gotten pregnant by his business partner. Since her husband was fabulously wealthy, he paid everyone off, and paid someone to hide her body.


7. Killed Then Set The House On Fire

15 years ago a woman was stabbed and strangled to death in the basement of her home and then the house was set on fire. A cable guy discovered the house burning in the middle of the day. The husband was cleared along with a number of other people. There are rumors that the local PD has DNA but there hasn’t been any new information.


8. Colorado Springs Infant

Missing infant Christopher Abeyta, who vanished on July 15, 1986 from Colorado Springs. His family believed a woman named Emma Bradshaw was involved in the baby’s disappearance, and she sued them and won $150,000 in damages in preventing her from being employed. The Colorado Springs Police Department destroyed some of the evidence sometime after the infant’s disappearance, which is quite fucked up. Sadly, there are no suspects, and both of his parents are dead, but his siblings continue to hope he is still alive and continue to search for him.


9. Six Missing Teens

25 years ago, 6 teenage boys went missing in my hometown. They were all around 16-17 years old I believe. They went out drinking, went to the marina and apparently stole a boat. That boat and the 6 boys were never seen again. Never found. The families never heard from them again. Bodies, clothing, nothing ever surfaced. They just disappeared without a trace, all 6 of them.


10. Brian Shaffer

The disappearance of Brian Shaffer….I can see the building from my apartment.


11. The Alphabet Killer

The Alphabet Killer. Serial killer who killed kids going home from school, but only if their first and last initials were the same letter. Don’t think anyone knows how the killer knew the kids initials.

My mom was a kid at the time and has the same initial for her first, middle AND last name. Her and my grandparents were scared shitless.

Never was caught.


12. Woman With Alzheimers

An old woman in her 80’s with Alzheimer disappeared from her home in a small village near the bottom of a waterfall. Months went by, people looked everywhere for her. Nothing. Almost a year later, someone decided to go near the top of a waterfall, for that they had to leave the trail and climb down in the bushes. They stumble across a pair of shoes and then a skull. It was determine to be the old lady but no one knows how on earth she arrived there or if someone helped. I think they couldn’t events determine how she died. This was in 2020.


13. Missing Paperboy

Des Moines, IA. Most famously its Johnny Gosch. Paperboy goes missing and still isn’t found. More recently is Ashley Okland. Realtor was killed while showing a house in 2011. 0 suspects.


14. Amber Alert

Arlington TX, the Amber Hagerman abduction and murder. She’s who the Amber alert is named after. She was kidnapped by a white or Hispanic male with a black truck. Her body was found in a stream behind some apartments in north Arlington and she was in the water long enough to wash away any forensic evidence. A quarter of a century later it’s still unsolved.


15. Hinterkaifeck Murders

I think this case is pretty well-known, there’s even a movie about it: the Hinterkaifeck murders. I live not far away from the place.

Basically, in 1922 an unknown man killed a farmer, his entire family and the housemaid, a total of six people. He then stayed in the house for approximately three more days, fed the animals and took care of the farm, with the bodies rotting away in the barn, which caused the killings to go unnoticed for a while.

That’s pretty much the hard facts. The rest is a mystery. There’s no apparent motive, police investigations were sloppy, and important clues got lost.

In 2007 there was a new investigation. The police claimed they were absolutely certain they found out who it was, but they still haven’t disclosed it, because living relatives of the murderer want to stay anonymous. We may never know.

I’ve never actually been to the place myself. The farmhouse is long gone, it’s just a field now. Also the locals try to discourage people from going there, they don’t want tourists swarming the place.


16. Found Behind A Local Firestation

A young woman’s body was found behind a local fire station off a main highway that runs to Myrtle Beach. She was supposed to be visiting her dad and did make it to MB from Florida, but never made it to see him. A scooter rental company denied her service because according to the employee, she was acting “strange”. Sheridan told her mother it was because she didn’t have shoes. For reasons unknown, she headed back the way she came without seeing her father after she just drove ~10 hours to visit him. Her dad eventually called the cops because she didn’t show. Her car was found burned off of a desolate dirt road near my childhood home an hour outside of Myrtle (same as the fire station). Eyewitness said they saw a man running away from the burning car and getting into an SUV with what was assumed to be a second perpetrator. The police say that her death resulted from falling off the training tower behind the station but the entire case is so bizarre. I hope they find real answers for her family because there are so many factors not adding up.


17. Two Dead Friends And No Answers

Two of my friends are dead. One two years ago maybe? The other will be 1 year in June. Given no answers on either death. The only mystery unsolved is why don’t the cops give a fuck about these two people. It hurts and it sucks.

The more recent of the two, my female friend was found dead in her home with her two small children STILL IN THE HOUSE. Her sister came and found her. The last person to see her, changed his story , first saying he never came inside then saying he did but only a little bit inside the house. THEN 3 MONTHS later that same sister, the one that found my friend, is mysteriously found dead in her house. Fuuuuck. Only one sister left in that family.

My other friend, his car was found outta gas in the middle of nowhere. He was seen walking with his bag, guitar and dog.

He was found with none of those items. No clothes or wallet either. Some of his front teeth had been knocked out.( we were told coyotes might have done this?????) None of the other details of his death make any sense either.

For awhile I thought maybe I’m just a bad luck charm. Sure wish my friends would quit dying though, and some goddammit answers would be nice.


18. Bank Robbers

Where I grew up, a Norwest bank was robbed during the armored car exchange. The armored car was blocked in and a bomb was put on the dash of the armored car. The robbers escaped in a van. Police eventually found the van burned out, and tire tracks showing another get away vehicle. No other crimes like that have happened in the area. Police were/are stumped.


19. Wealthy Couple In Hilton Head

A very wealthy couple were probably murdered. There is no trace of them. Their money manager supposedly committed suicide by cutting the arteries on his thighs. He wasn’t really a manager of all their money but of the business and was embezzling. Their last name was Calvert they lived on Hilton Head Island. The story got on the news, but our investigators are idiots and probably didn’t want any help from federal agencies. Anything to make sure everyone in the world thinks Hilton Head is 100% safe, let the story die rather than solve it. The suicide seems suspicious to be honest and a long time ago cocaine was flowing through Hilton Head from boat. Maybe they were wrapped up in some sort of drug thing, or maybe it was just the money guy, but it just seems so odd to take yourself out after you murdered your bosses. They both seemed very nice when they would frequent the restaurant I used to work at, very kind and happy. The story also died out really quickly but it did have a couple national segments for Maybe a week. And after that there was Maybe one or two articles on an anniversary or Their deaths.


20. Becky’s Grave

Becky’s grave. Lehigh Valley mystery. From what I understand Becky was between 12 and 14 when she was hanging out with a couple of older teenage creeps and they abused her and left her to die in the river. Becky was a resident of Darktown, which is basically like one road off of catty. Her father was, as legend tells, a Pagan, who had a very metal gravestone made for her. I think she died in the 80s? Bless, Becky ;( it still makes me sad.


21. Kyron Horman

The disappearance of Kyron Horman. If you’re anywhere in the Pacific Northwest I’m sure you’ve heard the name. He disappeared in 2010 and even though the stepmother was highly suspected no evidence was ever found. They still hold events and I’ve seen a billboard or two around in recent years. Hopefully one day they find his remains and bring some closure to family.


22. Susan Powell

The disappearance of Susan Powell.

One night the family returns from a camping trip with the mother missing late at night. It was noticed because MY old daycare (I still live in the same area) checked on them. Everyone who knew anything about the Susan Powell case either committed suicide or were murdered. The last people who died was the father and kids when he blew up the house. Nobody has ever found her body.


23. Nightclub Owner

From the town in which I attended university: back in the late 80s, the co-owner of a local nightclub which was known for catering to progressives, punks, and the LGBT+ crowd vanished without a trace. The most persistent rumor alleges that the local chapter of a biker gang murdered her and hid her body in the walls of a historic theatre, though there’s no proof of her murder and the theatre has since been heavily renovated.


24. Only Fingers Were Found

A girl went missing 19 years old. Nothing was known for many months until a farmer found fingers in his field. Nothing else. They tested the fingers and they were of the girls but the rest of the body was no where to be found so people aren’t sure she actually is dead.


25. Killed And Injured Animals

In June 2010 a bunch of animals were killed/injured at Happy Ralph’s in St Catherine’s. About half a dozen of the animals had been shot with pellet and BB guns and that four small animals had been killed. I have yet to hear any news if the people who did it were caught. I grew up going to the park for picnics, hide and seek in the field/forested area, and walks along the lake. In the summer the petting zoo was a treat. It was such a shock when it all happened. They still have some animals there to this day, but it looks like the enclosures are much more secure.