20 People Who Live In The Middle Of Nowhere On The Creepiest Thing That’s Ever Happened To Them

1. Help Me!

I live in rural Wisconsin. Surrounded by corn, marsh, the works. I remember I was in my teens, outside at dusk with my parents but we were all doin’ our own thing. Suddenly a woman’s voice yells “HELP ME” from the woods beside our house. Just loud enough to hear, but quiet enough for me to second guess what I heard. My mom and dad both turned to look at me like “you heard that too right?”. Mom starts screaming “DO YOU NEED HELP WHERE ARE YOU” It’s moved from dusk to pitch black now and the hair stood up on my neck because it got TOO QUIET. Mom wanted to keep yelling, but dad just got up from his chair and said “inside”. I think that’s one of the only times I’ve seen her listen to him.


2. Skipping Janitor

Dark foggy early morning, walking alone on a unpaved little road through some woods. I see something coming out of the fog. A grown man skipping like a little school girl.

When he sees me he stops. I do not make eye contact.

It was the janitor at my school.


3. Coughing Sheep

Sheep cough like people. I learned this during the pitch black 30 minute walk home from the nearest pub.


4. Paranormal or Real?

When I was a child, two of my friends and I decided to explore around an abandoned house that was down the road from us. Typical abandoned house look – paint peeling off everywhere with exposed wood in some spots, plants/vines overgrown, broken windows, rooftiles missing here and there.

Well we walked inside and it matched the outside, cupboards broken, floor boards splintered and cracked. Other than the place being extremely empty, we didn’t really get any scary vibes from it. Nothing really stood out to us as “paranormal” as we’d expect.

So we leave the house mildly disappointed. We’re walking alongside of one of the windows when this very well dressed, well groomed man, maybe in his 60’s wearing a black dress coat, white shirt and black tie comes into view. We didn’t see him inside, never heard anything. Yet here was this man just staring at us blankly through the window. Friends and I booked it as fast as we ever ran out of there and back home.

It probably was just one of the property owners that just happened to be inside the same day we were (there were a few rooms we didn’t go in), but good god that scared the shit out of us lol. A few years later the local Fire Department burnt the place down in a controlled burn, so if it was paranormal…welp it’s gone now lol


5. Private Property

I was in northern Wisconsin with my family as a kid. While I was up there I went on a little hike with my brother and dad, just sorta going through some woods. Ended up emerging from them onto someone’s property, and the dude there saw us, came up with his kid and asked the obvious “uh whatcha doing on my property?”. My dad just apologized and said we were hiking and that he shouldn’t have been so careless. We went back quickly and while the encounter was odd it didn’t feel tense or anything. My brother and I also learned a good lesson about respecting private property.

However, dude we encountered was apparently not satisfied (I get it to some degree, if I lived outside an urban area I’d be sussed too if someone emerges from the forest onto my property; things got weird though). The guy we encountered actually got some goon who either worked for or was related to him to track us back to our cabin. About five minutes after we got back and started to make lunch this goon literally waltz inside the cabin and begins to talk about how we were caught trespassing. He wasn’t yelling or angry or anything, but it was still pretty jarring having some camo wearing guy that you’ve never seen before to just barge into your grandparents house.

He didn’t have a lot of time to say much because our grandparents owned a few guns (mostly antiques though) and sure enough one got pulled on him. Our grandma held this guy up, and actually apologized again for the prior instance of trespassing. Then she started to yell at him though for following us, trespassing on our property, and straight up coming inside uninvited, and then he left.

Was a really weird encounter. Have talked to my dad and brother about it on occasion though so it wasn’t a dream or my imagination. Either way, don’t trespass. That’s the lesson I learned.

Edit: a lot of people are speculating that we stumbled on drugs or something and tbh I find that unlikely. The guy that talked to my dad gave his name (I certainly don’t remember it though) and again had his own son with him. I think it’s more likely we pissed off someone who values property and privacy and they overreacted greatly. Regardless, as others have noted, if you find yourself in a similar situation remain polite, apologize, and gtfo.


6. Snake on the Door Knob

The blood curdling scream of something being killed by coyotes, then all of a sudden it stops and there’s dead silence. Just a few weeks ago just had a black snake wrapped on my outside door knob when I opened it! I guess it was trying to get to the nest of fly catchers beneath the porch roof.


7. Murder in the Woods

Rabbit getting killed by a predator is a terrifying noise. I grew up in the country and after being shamed about being taunted for being scared of the dark I decided I would just sit in the woods and kind of meditate to get over it. I heard this awful sound that scares the shit out of me. I talked to my friends that all hunted and they let me know I heard a rabbit get killed. I wasn’t sure if I should be comforted or horrified.


8. Possums or Demons?

My sister heard possums outside her bedroom at night, assumed they were demons, accepted that this was how she would die and just went back to sleep.


9. High in the Woods

I lived wayyyy out in the country when I was 15 years old. So way out, it would take us an hour to the closest grocery store, and it would take the cops 45 minutes to get to our house. No neighbors close by. If something happened, no one would hear you scream.

One night, I got a gut feeling in my stomach that something wasn’t right. I ignored it and went to sleep, thinking it was just anxiety. Then, I wake up to a blood curdling scream at 2 in the morning. I was absolutely terrified. These screams were demonic, switching between a high pitched screech of a woman to a growl of a man. My entire family woke up, and my step dad got his shot gun.

My step-dad went outside. Mind you this is the country, and there are no street lights. It is pitch black other than the porch light above us. The screaming and screeching continues. It sounds like 2 people. My sister had gone out with her boyfriend earlier that day, and still hadn’t returned. Based off the screaming my mom thought my sister was being murdered in the woods by her then boyfriend.

My mom started screaming “Jason (fake name)! Jason you let go of her! Get your hands off her! Where are you!?”

Then it goes absolutely silent. We’re so scared thinking she’s dead, and he’s coming for us next. Then another noise begins, and it’s the voice of a man/demon. He yells: “ I AM JACOB! I AM THE SON OF GOD!” “I AM CHOSEN TO FIND THE BABY! ONLY I CAN MAKE THIS PASSAGE!” “ ONLY I CAN FIND THIS BABY IN VALENE!”

Now we’re really scared thinking my sisters boyfriend is part of a cult, and going to kill us all. My mom finally calls the police, all the while this person is screeching and howling, and creeping closer and closer to our house.

After about 30 minutes of this, we finally see the outline of person in our field of vision. Right next to our car. My step dad shoots near. Yells, “DONT YOU GET ANY CLOSER NOW” Person creeps closer, step dad shoots closer. “ NOW DONT MAKE ME KILL YOU!” He yells.

With that second shot we hear the person run back up the woods, and we wait for the police to arrive. Finally after 45 minutes the police car comes through and shines light on the perpetrator. We cannot believe what we see. It is a skinny, completely naked, shaved head man, crawling on all 4’s like a gorilla. Or like Gollum from LOTR, if that’s easier to picture.

The police grab him, him screeching and howling the entire time. The cops didn’t even come down to explain what was happening. They just took off, and we had to go back to sleep like nothing happened.

The next day, we have to call the police to find out what happened, and who this was. Apparently this was one of our neighbors, who was a repeat drug offender. Our neighbor mixed a bunch of drugs together, and tripped out a little too hard. It was actually unfortunate to hear he succumbed to his addictions a couple of years later. He was very young.

This was a terrifying night, and for those that don’t live in the country. This is the true horrors we have to face. Unemployment, drug and alcohol addictions, and domestic abuse. These issues can run rampant in rural areas, and I hope our areas will get better one day.

TL:DR- A demon/man showed up screeching at our house in the country. He stated he was the son of god, and came to find a baby. Police arrive, it was a man all tripped out on many different substances. We need to be more aware of the drug problem in rural areas.


10. Fox Screams

Grew up in a very rural area of Kentucky on a property that was about 75 combined acres of woods and empty fields out a dead end, one lane road. One night when I was a kid I was sent to take the trash out to the dumpster after dark. The dumpster was already at the bottom of the driveway. About the time I reached the dumpster I heard the most blood curdling scream I have ever heard. Like a woman was being brutally murdered right in my ear. I flew back to the house and had a full on come-apart, crying and telling my dad to get a gun. Fox screams will make your blood run cold.


11. Animal Confusion

I live in a fairly rural part of NJ surrounded by forest and hills. One night in high school my friends and I were driving down one of the local backroads to find a place to chill and smoke. As we’re driving, a deer jumps out in front of the car (as they normally do).

This time though, as we slowed down the deer turned around back the way it came, walked up to a tree, and then proceeded to bash its head in on the tree in one hit and fall dead. It didn’t run into the tree, it walked over and then slammed its head into it.

It was the weirdest behavior we’ve ever seen. Could have been rabies but was really freaky. Unsettled all of us and we decided to go back and smoke at my friend’s house.

Also fox screams. Holy hell does it sound like murder.


12. Bunker in the Forest

Grew up spending a ton of time in the Colorado Rockies. In college a friend and I were on a weekend backpacking trip up in national forest land, about three hundred yards off-trail, when we stumbled across a mostly-buried bunker someone had made. Think a 20-foot-long Tuff Shed, buried up to it’s roof. We only noticed it because sun glinted off one of two small windows in the roof, which had been deliberately covered with brush/tree litter. Looking through the windows, we could make out a cot, buckets and tubs of food and supplies, etc. Found the door (concealed/partially buried), which had a heavy padlock securing it.

Noped out of there with a quickness, didn’t want to run into whoever had built the place.


13. Not Peaceful

People assume living in the country is quiet and peaceful. It’s peaceful, but rarely quiet. A pack of coyotes howling can sound like crying babies. I know what it is but it still freaks me out when I’m home alone at night.


14. Surrounded by Small Eyes

Walking through the woods in the pitch black on the way home and being surrounded by small eyes, turn on my phone light of there are literally thousands of frogs all around me. Doesn’t sound that creepy now but at the time I almost shat myself.


15. Almost Snatched

I showed up at a friend’s house once as I did almost every day after school, like thirteen years old. I rode my bike everywhere. I usually left it by the side of her pool in her back yard but as I’m pulling up she starts waving at me from her front porch. Her parents had gotten upset with us for leaving our bikes up there before but neither of their cars is in the driveway so I cruise up and we head inside.

She immediately locks the door and calls 911. She had been up in her room looking for me to arrive, as she usually did apparently, and spotted a man lurking behind their pool, very near where I usually dropped my bike.

I was almost kidnapped or like… anything, I don’t know. The guy booked it when the cops arrived and they didn’t find him.


16. Seeing Eyes With Night Vision Goggles

One night I grabbed my son’s toy night vision goggles to see if they even worked. If they did, maybe we could see what was making all the weird howling noises in the woods for the last 2 nights. So I looked across the yard into the woods and there were so many eyes. So. Many. Eyes. They were everywhere. In one case there was a grouping of 3 eyes. I had myself convinced it was just a opossum with it’s baby and I couldn’t see the other eye, but then they all blinked at the same time. I have never ever used night vision to look in the woods again. Whatever deformity was there can have it’s space.


17. Creepy Island

Once while camping, I went for a very early morning hike to watch the sunrise from on top of a small mountain. My headlamp’s batteries were nearly dead, so it was only casting a faint beam of light. For several miles, there were so many eyes glowing back at me from in the woods. It was on a small, decently inhabited island, so it was pretty well established that there were no predators on this island, just lots of deer. But it was still really fucking creepy.


18. Car Fire

Was driving down a windy country road around 4am in the middle of nowhere to my favorite hunting spot. A bit groggy, as my buddy and I come around the next bend we notice a large bright light in the distance.

As we get closer, we notice that it is a large fire and that someone must be burning wood. We continue driving and begin to slow down as we get closer. As we approach we see 2 people waving us down in the middle of the street. We roll down our windows to hear blood curdling screams and cries for help. We look over and can see the fire clearly now. An old pick up truck had ran off the road and smashed into a tree. The entire cab was engulfed in 12 foot high flames. One of the by standers screamed “there’s someone in there!” I could see the silhouette of a person in the drivers seat surrounded by smoke and fire being burned alive.

The flames were too large to offer any help to the person. To this day the haunting images are burned into my mind and the sound of the cries for help are something I will never forget. By far the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.


19. Crib in the Woods

Found a baby’s crib with toys and everything in the middle of a woodland, like to get to that location takes a good 30 minutes of walking from the nearest road. It was put up too, not damaged or just simple fly tipping. I didn’t want to look so I called the police who checked it over.


20. Van Full of Rednecks

I was at a girlfriends cabin in the middle of nowhere. Driveway was scarier than shit…probably took 15 minutes to get through and absolutely needed 4 wheel drive.


Hanging there with the girl, her mom/sis. Nice bonfire. Dogs start going nuts. Oh shit….someone is coming up the driveway and they got dogs going nuts, too.

Van full of rednecks…”saw your fire and wanted to party”. This can’t be good. Outnumbered at least 5 to 1…(think there might have been another vehicle too) no firearms, plus them dogs are sick. Don’t even think we had phone/cell (early 90’s) and help can’t get here soon, anyway.

Super sketchy…especially this one dude (about 7 foot) dressed in all black. Somehow i get rid of them without problems.

Next day, we found one of those doll/figurines (can’t remember what they’re called) people use to cast spells.