Daria Shevtsova

Please Don’t Give Up On Yourself

Listen to me:
One day, you are going to meet someone
Who changes your life
And you will change theirs, too
They will want to spend their whole life
With you
And you will want that, too 

You’ll have the kids you always wanted
And you’ll be the best dad you can be
I know the darkness is setting in
But close your eyes and try to see
The beautiful family of your dreams

I know there are days you want to die
And this might be one of them
But today is almost over
And you might not feel the same way
Whenever you wake up tomorrow 

Please know that I would miss you
And hate you for leaving me
Because I’ve been so lucky
To find someone
Who thinks and feels just like me 

Life may not change
Today, tomorrow
Or in a year from now
But one day, you’ll look back
On this phase
And you will be so proud
Of how you lived
Despite the doubt
And disappointments pulling you down 

I would miss our conversations
Comparing our dreams
Planning our schemes
Making up perfect families 

I’d miss cheering each other on
For making it through the day
I’d miss having someone to talk to
To help me find my way 

I don’t know where this will go
But I know we were meant to know
What it’s like to feel less alone
As long as we have each other 

As long as I’m alive
I’d do anything to save your life
Give my heart for yours to beat
Give my eyes for you to see
Give my hands for you to feel
That life is worth living still

I love you
So please love yourself, too