Please Let Me Detox You

Curtains drawn, sore eyes

Just let me turn to dust.

My reality is shifting in and out,

A subpar attempt by my subconscious mind

To ease the labyrinth residing there

But I keep getting disoriented 

In the depths and dark corners

For a brief moment, it feels like you’re there too. 

No long-term comfort

At either end of the capsule,

So I dab your sorries on my tongue.

Drowning deeply in desire

And relapsing “just once” more,

I let you back in without hesitation

The rush of your lust,

Feeding my starved veins

And love-deprived heart 

With each sweat-soaked kiss.

Nibble gently on my thigh

And tonguing my earlobes

You know what drives me mad. 

Your breath on my hip,

A hand in my hair—

Slowly savoring this “one last” dose.

I sold my soul to the devil for a single sip

Of your liquored-down taste.

But it’s never enough to satisfy the void inside 

My mouth like grainy sand,

Awaiting the desert rain

An addiction to the fallacy of life.

My cells yearning

For the vision of you on my corneas—

My blood curdles 

At the thought of your weight on mine

My mouth calls out to you in the sleepless nights

My lungs,

Desperate to take in a long drag of your scent.

A temporary relief.

A momentary satisfaction

And gone before I wake in a pool of sweat and panic

A needle in the vein,

A capsule down the throat,

Or a warm body lying next to me.

You are the painkiller

For all of my chronic aches.

You are the addiction I can’t kick 

The substance I ache for

A disease we both know has run its course 

An artificial connection.

A craving of sorts.

Draw the curtains,

Please let me turn to dust.