Say Goodbye To Your Almosts

Please, Say Goodbye To Your Almost

Say goodbye to your almost because they might never become more. They might always keep you hovering on the edge of a relationship, begging for more, waiting for scraps. But you shouldn’t be happy with the bare minimum, with slivers of their affection, with glimpses into their heart every once in a while. You deserve someone who treats you well consistently. Not someone who falls off the face of the planet every few weeks. Not someone who flirts with others (and even dates others) while leading you on in the background.

Say goodbye to your almost because you deserve someone who is there for you one hundred percent of the time. Not someone who picks and chooses when to pay you attention. Not someone who leaves you on read but expects you to answer them anytime they reach out. Not someone who refuses to rise to your expectations but wants you to do as they please.

You shouldn’t hold onto the hope that someone is going to change their tune after weeks or months of knowing you. You shouldn’t bank on the fact that they’re going to come to their senses and give you what you want because you’ve been treating them so wonderfully. Some people aren’t going to realize your worth – and that’s okay, as long as you don’t overstay your welcome. Stop convincing yourself that sticking around is worth it because they might decide to date you if you wait a little longer. You should want someone who wants you from the start. Not someone who shrugs their shoulders and decides that they might as well date you because you’re in the area. You should hold out for someone who makes you feel valued, someone who is open and honest and refuses to send mixed signals. Someone who gives you everything that you deserve and then some.

Say goodbye to your almost because the sweet things they’ve said might not mean what you want them to mean. Maybe they’ve been flirting with you because they have feelings for you – but those feelings aren’t a guarantee that they’re going to make a move, that they’re going to ask you to be their person, that they’re going to commit to you and only you. If they’ve been stringing you along for a while and your label hasn’t changed, they might not want it to change. You might be the only one interested in more.

Say goodbye to your almost because you should be loved fully, not in bits and pieces. Not on weekends and late, lonely nights. Don’t let this person continue leading you on, no matter how good you think you would look together. You shouldn’t have to work this hard to convince someone to love you back. Yes, relationships require effort – but from both parties. If you’re the only one who is trying, then you should try to get over them instead. You should try to find someone who meets you halfway. You should try to hold out for someone who actually deserves you.