Read This If The Beginning Of 2022 Wasn’t What You Expected

The start of 2022 is over, and maybe it wasn’t exactly how you wanted or expected.

Maybe you had visions about conquering the New Year with specific goals, and life had a different plan. Maybe roadblocks derailed the blueprint you were hoping for and your first reaction was to become frustrated. Setbacks can be disheartening and can lead you to a series of unfortunate events that are unwarranted. 

How do we change our mindset for us NOT to build negative momentum for the rest of the year? I bet if you rack your brain, you will remember how certain things in your life that were troubling turned out to be a blessing later on.

It’s really hard to see blessings right in front of us when stressful events take place. I guarantee that there is a life lesson when you let go of resentment.  

It takes some mind training to get to a place of letting go. There has to be a bubble of belief in your heart that something amazing is going to emerge at any point. I mean an unwavering belief in the possibility of complete manifestation to abundance in whatever you are hoping for. Why? Because no matter what has happened, no matter what people say, you deserve it!  

Reacting to dramatic situations with a calmness in your soul produces the believed outcome much faster than resisting the situation. 

Accept what is! It may be completely unfair or heart-wrenching, but there is empowerment to giving up control.

Sometimes things happen just as they should. It’s easier to hold on to the person that walked out and carry a grudge for the person who betrayed you, but your New Years’ resolution should be finding happiness in your life, not holding on to what hurts you. 

My wish is for anyone reading this to not take yourself so seriously. Enjoy the little things in life. Face hard dilemmas with a soft nurturing side that understands that something is cooking behind the scenes far bigger than you can imagine. A wonderful relationship with a partner who cherishes your presence, a lucrative job that allows you to work less and make more, and a healthy body that you love and accept.  

Whatever your dreams are, continue to envision them. 

Never let a different course in life lead to a life of misery. Choose to make a positive out of a negative – good comes from bad.  

Do what sets your soul on fire, rewrite a new script for your life, and be descriptive!  

Maybe the person you envisioned your life with disappointed you, left you, and took you for granted? Take a few steps back, realize that they have their own belief system, and move forward taking the good memories with you. Allow yourself the right to open up another door to someone who will love and choose you every day.

Maybe you are stuck in a dead-end job living paycheck to paycheck? Take pen to paper, regardless of age or education level, and write down your ideal career. Now, find steps to make it happen – no excuses!

Maybe all your dieting and exercise are not taking the weight off? Envision in your mind’s eye the body you feel best fits you – now believe you deserve it! Sometimes our brains hold on to weight in certain areas because we focus on it. Do the opposite! Envision that weight off — that’s half the battle right there. Make a food log, start lifting weights, ask for help! 

I want you to affirm that 2022 is going to be AMAZING! 

Start getting excited for the wonderful things coming your way. Believe in the power of the Universe. Do not focus on the negative elements you perceive to be obstacles — your weight, your age, the number of years of struggle, lack of education. Whatever your age, weight, education, or years of struggle, maybe you had to go through it to receive the HUGE blessing taking place behind the scenes. 

2022 is your year. It is my year. I feel it in my bones and every fiber of my being! Why? Because I want to be happy, plain and simple. Positive vibes and optimistic outcomes to all who believe in love, who believe in self, and who believe in the amazing unknown blessings coming our way!