Read This If You Feel Like You’re Stuck In Limbo

Days in limbo are the worst. I feel as though I’m just waiting, endlessly, for my life to start—AGAIN! I’m trying my best to be patient and enjoy the downtime because I know you’re not supposed to rush life along, but my insides are in turbulent motion and my muscles have to work harder to keep my body from bursting open. Something in my chest burns and my head is flooded with anticipation for a thing I cannot name. All the chaos makes me blow up like a balloon and I just float through the days. 

I know this is the period where the arrow is being pulled back right before it flings me forward with all my restless energy. I know in a few days’ time, this stress balloon inside me will deflate and I’ll hit the ground again with promise and purpose. But “knowing” doesn’t settle the anxiety in the moment, because I also know limbo is a place where people get stuck—always waiting for the next thing to take them off or move them ahead. They’re content just looking toward the horizon. 

But maybe… maybe limbo isn’t a place you go to. Maybe limbo is just a bubble that engulfs you where you are when you become too preoccupied with the future. The liquid barrier distorts your perception of the current situation. 

Pop the bubble. Sit in the moment and take in what’s happening around you right now. Let the worries of the future evaporate into the clouds. Stop waiting. Shift your focus to the next thing and devote all your energy to it, whether it’s taking a class, or planning a trip, or your dating life, or your exercise routine—be all in. Whatever you’re waiting on will work out in time, and you’ll be ready when it does. After all, the time you spend waiting is just time waiting to be put to good use.