Read This If You Never Got The Apology You Deserved

The truth is, you will never get that closure or receive that apology you so deserve. People will come and go so easily from our lives they don’t realize the damage they cause on their passing. So, if you’ve ever felt not good enough or like it is easier to just become invisible and never trust again, please, I beg of you, keep reading.

I believe the journey of healing comes down to not feeling sorry for yourself, but rather saying sorry to yourself. It is time to give yourself that inner peace you deserve.

The apology you never received:

I am sorry for all the times you thought this time would be different.

I am sorry for the way goodbyes no longer seem scary, but expected.

I am sorry you seem to give so much but get so little in return.

I am sorry you were taken advantage of in your most vulnerable, raw state.

I am sorry you feel so empty but appear so full.

I am sorry you tried to move on while your heart was stuck in the past.

I am sorry you believe love and pain are the same feeling.

I am sorry everyone forgets the love you gave, like the passing tides of the past.

I am sorry you feel like you don’t belong or that your presence is not as valuable as the next.

I am sorry every time you learn to trust again, your walls get broken. And every time you build them even higher.

I am sorry you are sitting here, so broken inside, and nobody seems to care.

And most of all, I am sorry you can’t forgive yourself or the people who hurt you. You deserve to be loved; you deserve peace. Let the invisible wounds heal, my dear.