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Read This If You’re Still Finding Your Significance

Maybe your story is not meant to be bogged down underneath all the progress you made. Maybe it is not meant to lay dusted over on your bookshelf, journaled about and thought over, but never exposed for the world to learn from. The steps, challenges, sleepless nights, and battles all have gravity. They do not deserve to be overlooked and camouflaged, because bottling up your truth prevents others from getting to know you. It also inhibits you from restoring your inner narrative.

Know that your story has meaning because it is what defines you. It differentiates you from the billions of other people in this world. It gives you purpose, ambition, and history. It marks your character and represents the core of who you are. Most of all, it gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and thrive.

Having the courage to use your history to make an impact is bold, so please capitalize on your background by inspiring change in your community and across the globe. Never shy away from telling others who you are and how you feel. Who you really are and how you really feel. Stop dodging depth in conversations and harness these moments as opportunities to intimately express yourself. Tap into your story and give people the chance to connect with you. Be brave and be bold.

Just think about it: maybe your story can be the one that motivates a peer who has been struggling with his or her mental health to seek help. Or maybe it can attract a following of fellow warriors. You can start a ripple effect in your area that is so large that it outlives you. An impact so large that it becomes bigger than you could have ever imagined.

Please understand that your legacy is cemented when you are brave enough to become significant.