Read This When You Feel Guilty For Choosing Yourself

It’s not selfish to choose yourself. When you feel like certain friendships or relationships drain your energy, feel free to leave. When you feel like the situation you are in doesn’t serve your highest good, learn to walk away and find another path that leads to new beginnings. When you feel surrounded by negative people and things, choose to go where you’re welcomed with positive energy. People are not entitled to your well-being, you are. You have the power to choose where you want to be. You have the power to choose who and what stays in your life. 

It’s not selfish to give yourself more than you give to others. Sometimes we tend to give too much of ourselves that we end up with our cup almost empty because not all people are able to give you as much as you give them. And that’s okay. But learn to stop when you feel like your efforts are not being reciprocated enough for you to keep going. Love yourself enough that you are able to give so much to it. Giving your all to others is a selfless act, but learn to give yourself what you really need so you don’t end up feeling empty and lost. Remember that everyone has their own battles, and at the end of the day, the only person that’s going to be there through your own storms and rainbows is you. It’s important to have your own back at all times, at all costs. 

It’s not selfish to say no to something that is not within your boundaries. It’s okay to compromise sometimes—it’s needed to make friendships and relationships work. But it’s all okay too to say no when you’re uncomfortable. When you think you’re being asked for too much or when you feel you’re being taken for granted. Learn to meet people halfway—it’s a key to a better relationship with yourself and others as well. This way you show people who you really are, to what extent are you willing to put in the effort, what things do make you happy or sad, the things that you are able to do and how much you are able to give. This is how you are able to know the people who are meant to stay and those who are better off somewhere else. 

It’s not selfish to pursue what makes you happy, even if people don’t agree with it. Happiness is subjective. This is the mindset that most people fail to understand. We are living in a society where we are being constantly told and shown certain facades of happiness. Whether it’s to have your family by a certain age, or to establish your business in your 30s, or have a seemingly perfect life traveling the world in your 20s. These are all Instagram reels that society portrays as happiness. Learn to pursue the things that actually make you happy. Whether it’s changing your entire career, or not wanting to have a kid, or moving overseas. The things that give you a purpose to live is what matters the most.