Read This When You’ve Lost Your Soulmate

There are soulmates, and then there are people you learn how to make life work with. Unfortunately, I don’t always think those are the same people in our lives. Sometimes, we meet people who ignite a fire in the darkest part of our soul, and life becomes illuminated in a way we never imagined possible. These people often come to us unexpectedly, and their presence in our life changes us forever. We might have thought we knew what love was before we met them, but after them, love will never look the same again.

A soulmate brings us peace in a way we have never known before. They wrap us in comfort, and for the first time, we finally understand how home can be so much more than just a place. Home is wherever you are with them. 

What is not promised when it comes to soulmates, however, is how long we get to spend with them. Home does not always mean permanence, but impermanence does not mean it wasn’t real love. Spending one day with someone who means the world to you is no less valuable than spending a lifetime with the person that you love. More time does not always mean more happiness. 

We all dream of meeting our soulmates and spending the rest of our lives with them. We sift through people like we are looking for gold. Though there is nothing wrong with looking for your dream person, be careful not to pass up the other gems around you. Maybe you come across someone who isn’t what you always thought of when you pictured your person. Maybe they don’t check the boxes on the imaginary checklist in your head. Maybe they aren’t your soulmate. 

But maybe none of that will even matter in the grand scheme of things. What if this person is everything you ever needed? What if this is someone who is willing to stay and do the work it takes to build a lasting relationship? Maybe instead of igniting a fire the instant you meet them, they slowly start rekindling the light you thought was lost forever. Maybe falling in love doesn’t always have to be an epic adventure or a story worthy of the big screen. Maybe sometimes, falling in love is just a choice two people make and are willing to keep making forever. 

Loving someone is not always easy. At some point, the fire will start to burn out, and the passion will come to a slow simmer. It is at this moment that you are left with a choice. You either find a way to reignite what you once had or you let it die. If you don’t put the work in, even the greatest love will not last forever. 

When you find someone who is willing to be there through the ups and the downs, hold onto them. When you find someone who firmly plants themselves in front of you instead of running when things become difficult, then you know. 

True love is not always about finding your soulmate. Sometimes, our soulmates are only in our lives to teach us a lesson, and then we lose them, often just as quickly as we first found them. The day they leave doesn’t have to be the end of your search for love; there are so many other people out there who are waiting to meet someone just like you. 

I hope you let yourself have the chance to get to know them, even if you feel like you’ve already met and lost your soulmate. Love will find you again. And one day, you will find the love that will always choose you. One day, you will find the love that will always stay.