Rejection Hits These 4 Birth Months The Hardest
Natalie Allen

Rejection Hits These 4 Birth Months The Hardest

Rejection isn’t always easy to stomach. Whether you’re getting turned down by the crush you asked out or have lost out on a job position you were really passionate about, it hurts to know that you were unwanted. Here are the birth months who always have the hardest time with rejection:


You have a hard time dealing with rejection because you are so hard on yourself. You always assume that you have done something wrong, that you are completely to blame, even when the rejection had nothing to do with you. Sometimes, it isn’t your fault. Sometimes, there’s nothing you could have possibly done to change the outcome. Timing matters. So does luck. You might have done everything right, so you can’t beat yourself up about it. You need to pick yourself up from the ground and try again. One rejection doesn’t mean this is the end of the line for you. There’s always another opportunity waiting right around the corner.


Rejection isn’t easy for you to stomach because you want to be the best. You are a perfectionist who has incredibly high expectations for yourself. You don’t want to settle in any department, whether it’s with your career or with love because you know your worth. You know what you deserve. Unfortunately, not everyone around you sees it too. And you can’t control their actions. You can’t control what they are willing to offer you. You can only control your own journey, so focus on what you have power over. The rest will fall into place eventually.


Rejection always hits you hard because you are an optimist. Even though you know this world can be cruel, you are brave enough to think positive anyway. Since you convince yourself everything is going to work out in the end, it’s always a shock to your system when everything falls apart. You’re always caught by surprise and have trouble going from hopeful to miserable. But you need to remember that your optimism is a beautiful trait. It’s what is going to help you get up after this rejection and try again in the future. No, you might not have been right about this situation working out, but you could be right about the next one. You have to keep going, keep trying, keep hoping.


Rejection is always hard for you to handle because you have such a big heart. You put one thousand percent of your effort into every endeavor. Whether you’re chasing after a crush or are trying to land your dream job, you are going to be devastated if it doesn’t work out. You are going to have a hard time cheering yourself up again because the things that matter to you really matter. You go all-in. You let yourself love and hope with your whole heart. It’s hard for you to accept that your big dreams aren’t going to work out the way you planned – but just because you’re dealing with failure this time around doesn’t mean it will happen again next time. History doesn’t have to repeat itself. So get out there and try again.