Masha Raymers

She’s Not The Girl Who Loved You Anymore

the girl that loved you was young and naïve

she wanted a fairytale

but she looked for it in boys who treated her like an option

and she saw it as a challenge

if she could just be enough

strong and fun

loving and beautiful

sexy and smart

then he would clearly see her as a work of art

and change his ways and settle down

and he would finally treat her like she wore a crown

and each time he disappointed her

hit her gut like a wrench

but she thought she just was not enough yet

so she would try again

harder this time

pouring more of herself out on the floor in front of his feet

hoping he would finally see

praying for her heart to finally feel peace

but he would take and he would lie

and he would give just enough to give her hope

that one day she would fly

and then she would stretch her wings and close her eyes

ready to jump

but then she would realize

he had shot holes right through them

with every word that was not true

and every tear that fell

and every night alone

and every moment questioning if she was enough

had turned her wings to dust

the girl that loved you was dependent and insecure

and she never saw it

that the only person she needed

was herself

and that everything she was

was not just meant for someone else

she was art

she wore a crown

and she could fly

all on her own

but the girl that loved you did not know

and that girl is gone now

she finally figured it all out

so when you reach out

years down the road

this girl that answers

is someone you do not know