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Should I Remain Bitter Or Strive To Be Better?

One question is raised.

The answers are two.

The choice you will make

Depends solely on you!

Should I remain bitter,

And reminisce the past?

Or strive to be better,

‘Cause pain will not last?

The bitter is best at the role she portrays

You won’t see a mark of sadness on her face

Denies she’s still hurting,

To death she will swear

Insists fast recovery,

Heartaches she will bear

Do you think I should curse him for wasting my time?

For the grief that I suffer, damn cold lonely nights

Do you think I should slap his handsome poker face?

Or give a round of applause that he had me replaced

Do you think I should see him and blow a fatal kiss?

Resound all the lies in his head and whispered “What a beast!”

Do you think it would matter if I get even in time?

Force him to believe that he has done a crime!

Wouldn’t it be too tiring to impose remorse on someone?

Blame the roses for the thorns 

While your values are deformed

I suggest you think it over

As a friend or as a lover

What you feel is not forever

In due time, you will get better!

The better learns to accept things

And embraces whatever life brings

She sails and dances in the rain

She doesn’t find someone to blame

She may be wounded but not shattered

She remains whole though clothes are tattered

She will not take it as a defeat

She is a dauntless woman,

She’s no one to beat!

There are THREE THINGS that she desires:

To forget her bitter soulful cries

To love herself more and start life anew

To dream and paint the sky blue

She wishes nothing but the best

She wants to save all her regrets

To the man she cared about

After all, the world is round!