Signs You Don't Like Them (You Just Like The Attention)

Signs You Don’t Like Them (You Just Like The Attention)

Sometimes, you’ll end up in a relationship (or almost relationship) with someone new because you feel pressured to settle down. Or because all of your friends thought you would be perfect together and tried to set you up. Or because you hoped something better would develop the longer you stuck around them. Here are some signs that they probably aren’t right for you because you like the attention they give you more than you like the person themselves:

You are more focused on their attraction to you than your attraction to them.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel wanted. You love that you’ve found someone who considers you the most beautiful person in any room. You love that you can make them weak with a single word and you love the fact that they leave sappy comments on every one of your posts. However, it’s important for you to feel as strongly about them as they feel about you. You don’t want the relationship to be one-sided, or you’re both getting ripped off. If your feelings aren’t as intense as the other person, then maybe it’s time to leave.

They’re interchangeable to you.

You enjoy the perks of dating this person more than you like the person themselves. You like the fact that they’re there to pick you up when you’re feeling down. You like the fact that they are always free to hang out with you on weekends. You like the fact that you have someone who genuinely cares. However, when you picture dating someone else, anyone else, you feel like you’d be just as happy. This person is interchangeable to you. You don’t want them specifically. You simply want a relationship.

You get frustrated when they need something from you.

You are happy to have them around when you need something – but when they’re in trouble, you feel like it’s an inconvenience. You don’t want to bother with their problems. You don’t want to be there for them in the way they’ve always been there for you. You want to take, but you don’t want to give. But in the right relationship, you would want to do anything to make your person happy. You would never make them feel like a burden.

You felt pressured to date them – and now you feel like your decision has been made.

Maybe you didn’t want to hurt their feelings by turning them down, so you agreed to go out with them. Maybe there wasn’t anything specifically wrong with them, so you couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to walk away. But you shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone you simply tolerate. You should hold out for someone who genuinely makes you happy. Someone who you couldn’t stand to exist without.

You don’t really care whether or not you stay together forever.

When you imagine a future without them, you don’t feel all that upset. You feel like you would be completely fine if you parted ways. You might be upset for a little while, but you would get over them pretty quickly. There might even be someone else who you already have your eye on. However, you should hold out for someone who makes you excited about your future together. Someone who you can picture having fun with every single day for the rest of your lives.