Signs You’re Doing The Bare Minimum (And Your Life Won’t Change Anytime Soon)

Signs You’re Doing The Bare Minimum (And Your Life Won’t Change Anytime Soon)

You never deviate from your schedule. You feel like you’re running on autopilot because you’re stuck in a super strict routine. You’re coasting through life without actually enjoying it because every single day is a repeat of the last. Even though sticking to a plan shows you’re mature and responsible, you don’t want your existence to become too predictable. You need to leave room for uncertainty. You need to give yourself the freedom to experience new things. Otherwise, all of the days are going to blend into one another. You won’t know the difference because you’re stuck in a cycle that never ends.

You are anchoring yourself in the wrong people. You’re staying in a relationship that is unfulfilling, hanging out with friends who are bringing you down, or associating with family members who make you miserable. Even though you have the power to control who is allowed in your inner circle, you aren’t walking away or even setting boundaries. You’re allowing other people to treat you however they want without any consequences. You keep letting their behavior slide, even though you deserve better.

You aren’t an active player in your own story. You are passive. You never set plans or come up with ideas about what you want to do (or even what shows you want to watch or music you want to turn on). Instead, you allow the people around you to make all your decisions for you. You never stop to ask yourself what would make you happy because it’s easiest to go along with what everyone else is doing. It’s easier not to think about the best path forward for you specifically because then you don’t have yourself to blame when things go wrong.

You are making the same mistakes over and over again. You’ve heard this phrase before, but you can’t keep making the same mistakes and expecting different results. Your world isn’t going to change without you putting in the effort. First, you need to acknowledge what is missing from your life and what you would love to change. Then, you need to take steps to make a difference. You need to want to grow. If you’re too comfortable with the way things are, if you don’t have the drive to change, then it’s never going to happen. You need to find the motivation to make a change.  

You aren’t taking the steps to progress your story. You aren’t putting yourself out there (whether that’s in the dating world or with your career). Instead of asking someone out, you convince yourself that they wouldn’t want you anyway. Instead of trying for a promotion or career change, you convince yourself that you don’t have what it takes to succeed. You aren’t even attempting to make your world a better place. You’re accepting what you have and calling yourself comfortable. Maybe you don’t want to sound greedy or selfish – but it’s never greedy to want more for yourself. It’s never selfish to do what it takes to make yourself happy again.