Some Reminders To Take With Us Into The New Year

As yet another year draws to an end, we are inevitably trying to squeeze as much as we can into the last days of the calendar. Still, there is no need to feel ashamed or disappointed with yourself if this year you didn’t get to keep all the promises made hastily at the strike of midnight of last year’s celebrations.

We’ve been through a lot. There is no denying that. But let’s pat ourselves on the back and take a big sigh of relief, because guess what? We have made it through another year! Yep, we did! In spite of all the hardships and lows, we’re still here, and we’re about to step into yet another year filled with amazing opportunities.

So, before you get back to Christmas shopping, deadlines, and family reunions, remember to take some thoughts with you into the new year and leave some of them behind.

Next year, please try to be kinder to yourself. Next year, forgive yourself every morning and each night. Forgive yourself for every little thing you beat yourself up during the day. Forgive your past and all the choices you made while you were in survival mode. You did your best back then and now it’s time to move on.

Next year, push yourself to live the life you were meant to and allow yourself to rest when you feel like you need to. Allow yourself that extra hour in bed when you feel like the world weighs a little bit too much. Push yourself to feel the sunlight on your cheeks and the wind on your lips. Be consistent and don’t give up for the sake of your body, mind, and health.

Last but not least, remember all the days spent in the darkness when in fact you deserved to be alive. Remember the past year and honor your mistakes, achievements, and breakthroughs. Remember the past year and honor every little bit of it. Because after all of it, you have arrived at this very moment and you are about to step into a new phase of your life. And who wouldn’t be excited about that?