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Someday Your ‘Difficult’ Will Be The Easiest Thing For Someone To Understand

Someday your ‘difficult’ will be the easiest thing for someone to understand and accept. Someday everything that pushed someone else away will be the reason why someone stays. Someday everything people told you to change about yourself will be someone’s favorite thing. Someday everything that made you feel like you’re hard to love will be the reason why someone can’t get enough of you. 

Someday someone will appreciate your honesty and your blunt words that intimidated other people who weren’t always genuine or honest with themselves. Someday someone will understand why you built those walls around your heart and they will tear them down slowly instead of giving up too quickly. Someday someone will actually listen to your stories and understand your deepest fears. They won’t just listen to make small talk or pretend to be interested in what you have to say, they will listen because they care, because they want to know the things that made you who you are today. They want to see your scars and hear the stories behind them. They want to know everything about you because they want to give you what you need. They want to prove to you that you can tell them everything and it’s not going to scare them away. 

Someday someone will love how loud and intense you are instead of freaking out. Someday someone won’t make you question your every move or every word because they will be consistent with their efforts and their love. The problem is you’re used to people leaving and giving up too soon. You’re used to people feeding you lies until they get what they want and then walk away. You’re used to people coming into your life for a short time. You’re used to people giving too little that it became your norm, but someday someone will prove them all wrong. Someone will make you realize that you’ve been settling and you’ve been loved in all the wrong ways. Someone will give you everything you deserve and more.

Someday everything that made you feel like you’re difficult or hard to love will be someone’s easiest thing to love and understand because they will look beneath the surface, they will spend more time analyzing you, they will pay attention to every detail. Someone will invest in you in a way no one else did, and that’s how you will know that this time it’s not going to be another lost bet. Someday someone will do whatever it takes to win you because they can’t stand the thought of losing you. Someday someone will show you the kind of love you’ve been missing and you won’t have to worry about the future because they will be by your side, walking with you every step of the way.