Sometimes, Existing Is Enough
kevin laminto

Sometimes, Existing Is Enough

Some days, you’re going to run through your workload like a beast, crossing off every single item on your to-do list before the sun sets. Other days, you aren’t going to have enough energy to accomplish the first item on your list. And that’s okay. Not every day needs to be your most productive day. You’re allowed to give yourself a break, to allow your mind and body to rest when they’re on the edge of exhaustion. 

Even though it’s tempting to ignore the warning signs your body is giving you, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard on your worst days. Give yourself permission to take things slow, to take it easy, to take a break from the stress that has been slowly breaking you down. You don’t want to burn yourself out. You don’t want to do irredeemable damage.

Sometimes, existing is enough. Getting through the day in one piece is enough. Making it to tomorrow is enough. 

You’re not lazy or a failure for taking a break when your mind is screaming at you to slow down. If you were physically exhausted, you wouldn’t push yourself to run another mile, so why would you treat yourself any differently when your mental health is on the line? You need to start showing the same care for yourself as you constantly show for everyone else. 

Of course, it’s tough to put yourself first when there are a million things you need to accomplish each day. Sometimes, you need to push through your discomfort in order to fulfill your responsibilities. Sometimes, you need to ignore your nerves and break out of your comfort zone to move ahead in the world. Other times, that is the worst possible route you can take. You know yourself better than anyone. You know what you can handle. You know when you’re tipping close to the edge, when you need a breather, when something small will be way too stressful for you. 

You shouldn’t punish yourself on the days you need to take it slow. You need to treat yourself gently, especially when you’re feeling your lowest. Sometimes, you need to give yourself the space to rest. Sometimes, you need to turn off your phone, turn off your thoughts, and give yourself some peace and quiet. Your hectic life can pick back up tomorrow, but for today, all you have to do is exist. All you have to do is breathe. 

Remember, you’re human. You have value, even when you’re not producing something new, even when you don’t have something exciting to post on Instagram, even when you feel like you should be doing more, more, more. 

Sometimes, you need to put your mental health before your career or your relationships or your social status. Sometimes, you need to stop and take care of your own needs before you worry about everyone else around you. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself existing is enough. Making it from this moment to the next is enough. You are enough.