Heinz Klier

Sometimes The Most Beautiful Relationships Come And Go In Seasons

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in 2022 is that some of the people in our lives are meant to come and go in seasons. As much as we may want to keep them in our lives longer, not everyone is meant to be there forever. They may have been exactly what you needed in that moment, and once they have served their purpose, they exit and make space for others to enter your life. 

As I get older and become exposed to different experiences, the concept of people coming and going in seasons has become more evident to me, especially in the last year. The amount of people who have entered and left my life in just 2022 is immensely shocking when I think about it. The rate at which situations change and how quickly people come and go can be scary and confusing, making you feel as if there is a lack of stability in your life and that you are always being pushed towards the next thing, even when you aren’t purposely seeking change. You start to wonder if you are the reason that people are unable to remain in your life past a season, and questions like ‘Am I too much?’ or ‘Am I too expressive of my feelings?’ surface, despite how confident you may be in yourself. However, at the end of the day, nothing you say or do can be too much for the right people (within reason, of course). 

Despite understanding the normality of people coming and going, I still find myself wishing that time would slow down so that I can enjoy and cherish the moments with the people in my life just a little longer because you never know how long someone will be there for you like they will be right now. People grow at different speeds, and sometimes you’ll have to leave them behind in order to move forward with your own growth. With that being said, I’ve learned to follow my heart, speak my mind, and do the things I want. No one wants to live a life of regrets, and nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say or do. 

Though it can be difficult to come to terms with the end of a chapter, the short relationships in one’s life are ultimately bittersweet. The people who have been in my life for a short season have brought upon so many new exciting adventures and experiences to me that I otherwise would have not had the chance to experience if not for them. Although temporary, their appearances in my life have led me to travel to places I would have not initially thought of visiting, brought me to people that have now become some of my closest friends, and more. 

While I may never talk to those people in the same way again, I want to thank them for being one of the reasons I’ve grown and got to further understand myself over the past year. The memories I’ve made will not be easily forgotten and have ultimately shaped me into the person I am today. Without the highs and lows, I would have never learned to feel so deeply and process the whole spectrum of emotions. I would have never continuously pushed myself to understand and fully embrace the importance of being your own source of happiness and to remember to be whole on your own without needing to depend on someone else. You are all you need — anyone else who wants to be in your life should be adding value to it. 

Everyone you meet is meant to touch upon your life for a reason, whether it is to learn a lesson or to bring you to your next adventure. While short-fated, these relationships are meaningful and exactly what you needed in the moment, and I’ve come to appreciate them even if they may have brought me frustrations at one point. I’ve also realized and found comfort in the fact that if someone is meant to be in your life again, your paths will cross once more, so you really can’t lose anyone who is meant to stay in your life. 

Just like seasons, these relationships are fleeting but beautiful. Therefore, it’s okay for people to just pass by your life, and it’s okay because they gave you the beauty and happiness you needed during the times they were right for you. That’s the beauty of people in seasons.