Maksim Goncharenok

Sorry I’m Not Sorry If My Mask Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

When the coronavirus hit and mask mandates were put in place to help stop the spread of the virus, I never had a problem wearing one, especially if it meant not risking my life or the lives of others I encountered. Has wearing a mask in areas that require and recommend them and remembering to keep some in my purse, car, and home always been convenient or ideal? Of course not. This is a new normal the entire world has had to adjust to. But if wearing a mask means keeping myself, my loved ones, my colleagues, and others safe? I have no problem wearing one. What’s been bizarre is seeing so many people advocate against wearing them, ranting about their rights not to wear one, and most recently, receiving strange stares from others who are comfortable stepping out without wearing one in places they probably should. 

Earlier this year, I received the Pfizer vaccination, and I still wear a mask. Although I believe being vaccinated has given me an extra layer of protection, not once did I believe that it was an excuse to carry on unmasked as if the coronavirus had disappeared. Sadly, there’s a new variant spreading, and there are vaccinated and unvaccinated people who still won’t wear a mask and feel as if they don’t need to. And some people who choose to step out unmasked seem to feel uncomfortable around those of us who are wearing masks. But I urge those of you who won’t wear a mask to at least try to be considerate of others and acknowledge what’s happening in the world. I know wearing a mask may not be ideal or fun, but I won’t apologize for wearing one. So I’m sorry I’m not sorry if my wearing a mask makes you feel uncomfortable.

I’m an educator working in a school building with other educators and with young people. I must regularly wear a mask and practice social distancing.

I’m a daughter who has parents to consider. I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their health or to expose them to anything that could compromise their well-being. 

I’m an aunt who has a toddler niece and an infant nephew who are still growing and have their whole lives ahead of them. It would be foolish and reckless of me to be around them without being sure I’m actively taking safety measures every time I step out. 

I’m a friend who has friends I want to keep seeing and building new memories and moments with. So if that means I need to wear a mask? So be it. 

And I’m a person who wants to be considerate of others around me who may have compromised immune systems or other health issues that they’re working through that I may not know about. So wearing a mask when and where needed won’t be an issue for me. So sorry I’m not sorry if my wearing a mask makes you feel uncomfortable. I just want to be safe.