Spells + Rituals To Help You Connect With The Dead This Halloween

Halloween is an incredibly powerful and magical time to manifest your desires, honor the dead and learn from them, release the things holding you down, and welcome in a new era.

Spell to Connect With The Dead 

1. Before you fall asleep on the night of Halloween, write down the name of the person you want to connect with on a piece of paper. Say their name out loud and ask them to come bring you guidance and meet you in your dreams. Place the paper under your pillow. 

2. Before falling asleep, imagine how they look, how they smelled, and how they made you feel. Imagine yourself having a conversation with them. 

3. Dream. 

Feast for the Dead

You can do this alone, with family, or with friends. 

1. Make a feast of food and drink consisting of favorites of your beloved dead. If you’re inviting other people, have them bring foods of their dearly departed. 

2. Make a plate of food for your dearly departed. You could set a place at the table and leave an empty chair to invite them all to feast with you. 

3. If you’re alone then meditate on memories you have with them. If it’s a dinner party, then have everyone around the table share stories about their beloved dead. 

4. After the feast, leave a plate outside for animals to honor the natural cycles of life.