Stay Single, Because It’s Better Than Being In A Situationship

It’s better to have Friday night plans watching Scrubs with just yourself, a few glasses of cabernet sauvignon, and your dog than it is to get all dressed up only to wait on your couch for the guy you’re sleeping with to text you that he’s done with happy hour with the friends you’ve never met and that you’re good to meet up with him now.

It’s better to focus on your personal growth than try and mold someone into the person you wish they’d be. It’s healthier to pursue your dream life and give yourself everything you ever wanted on your own than have to repeatedly beg a man for the bare minimum and still not even receive it.

It’s better to excel in your career, snagging promotions and reaching your highest potential than hoping he gets his own shit together and figures out if he wants to commit to you or not.

It’s better to spend time with your friends and family, nurturing relationships with the people who truly value and respect you, than wonder if he’ll ever even call you his girlfriend or introduce you to his own friends and family.

It’s better to know where you stand, even if totally by yourself, than to constantly wonder what you might mean to the person falling asleep next to you every Saturday night and whether they’ll still be in your life the following weekend. It’s more peaceful to know what is than be totally enamored by what-ifs.

Stay single because it’s better than being in a situationship.

Many people think situationships are better than being alone, but it’s just not true. Because situationships are toxic and misleading by design. Oftentimes, situationships create an unfair dynamic, one where one person wants something more and the other person strings them along with the hope of “one day.” But that is a date that will never arrive.

Because here’s the thing: if he wanted you, you’d know. If he wanted to, he would. If he wanted a relationship with you, he’d be in one with you. Indecision is a decision, and if he isn’t actively choosing you, he is still making a choice and that choice is that he isn’t going to commit to you.

Please know you deserve better than that. You deserve more than “maybe one day.” You deserve right here, right now. You deserve someone who is all in, not someone who has one foot out the door and a pair of wandering eyes that are always seeking someone else.

So stay single until you meet someone who proves that they care and want you. Trust your journey and believe that better things are coming. And most importantly, choose yourself because they aren’t.