Stay Single Until You Find A Relationship With These 11 Elements

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Stay Single Until You Find A Love With These 11 Elements

Transparency. Your partner should be open and upfront about how they’re feeling on any given day. They shouldn’t keep secrets in order to keep the peace or avoid drama. They should be transparent with you so you understand what they’re thinking. There shouldn’t be any lies, even by omission.

Passion. Your partner should be excited that they’re with you. They should look at you with passion in their eyes. They should make it clear, through their actions and their words, how lucky they feel to be with you. They should make you feel wanted all the time.

Trust. There needs to be mutual trust in order for your relationship to last. You should feel confident that your person has your best interest at heart, that they would never intentionally hurt you and that they mean it when they say that they are committed to you. And they should believe you, too. They should take you at your word.

Consistency. Your partner shouldn’t feel like a complete stranger when they’re in a rough mood. They should treat you well consistently, even when they’re upset or wasted or annoyed with you. They shouldn’t pick and choose when they want to treat you well and when they want to ignore your existence. They should always be there for you, even when it’s inconvenient.

Respect. Your partner should respect your thoughts and opinions. They should listen closely when you open up to them and abide by your boundaries. They should never peer pressure you into changing your mind. They should understand where you’re coming from and respect it.

Affection. Your person should say those three little words without prompting. They should do nice things for you without needing to be begged. They should hold your hand and give you forehead kisses on a daily basis. They should make you feel loved.

Support. Your partner should encourage you to chase after your dreams. They should support all of your endeavors because they believe in you and have your back. They should never discourage you or talk you out of doing something that would make you happy. They should be firmly in your corner.

Effort. Your person should put effort into the relationship every single day. They shouldn’t get lazy and start doing the bare minimum once they have you because they assume you won’t be going anywhere soon. They should continue to do nice things for you deep into the relationship because they love seeing you smile.

Adventure. Your person should be excited to go on dates with you, even once you’ve been together for ages. They should help you come up with fun ideas to keep the excitement alive. They should be thrilled to be your plus-one anywhere you want to go.

Comfort. Your person should make you feel comfortable being yourself. You should never feel the need to pretend or play it cool in front of them. You should feel confident that they aren’t going to judge you, that they actually do love you for you.

Cooperation. Your person should be your teammate. They should talk through problems with you and come to solutions that will make you both happy. They should take your opinion into consideration and come to fair compromises. They should treat you like a partner, a real equal.