Stay Single Until You Find Someone Who Has These 40 Green Flags

  1. They make you feel safe. You don’t have to question where you stand with them. You are able to be open with them because they have proven they are someone who will not mishandle your vulnerability or use it against you later.
  2. They remember the little things about you. Not only do they remember but find ways to celebrate them.
  3. They’re the first person you want to call with good news. They’re the first person you want to call with bad news too. And boring news. And this-shit-went-down-at-the-office-and-I-need-to-tell-you-about-it news.
  4. You feel beautiful around them.
  5. They’re kind to people who work in the service industry.
  6. If they mess up, they apologize and then actually change their behavior.
  7. They encourage your growth.
  8. They are good with kids. Even if you don’t want kids yourself, being kind to children shows a good heart.
  9. They give you the aux cord.
  10. They send you music they think you’d love or that reminded them of you.
  11. They fight for resolution (not to be right).
  12. They are curious. About ideas. About other cultures. About experiences different from their own.
  13. They don’t make you guess if they’re mad.
  14. They listen to understand, not just waiting for their turn to speak.
  15. You can share comfortable silences together. Not just comfortable, but enjoyable.
  16. You have compatible values.
  17. They talk about the future as if you’ll be in it. Even if their future plans are talked about in a casual way, they clearly see you as someone they want in their life long-term. They take you into account.
  18. They’ll do anything to make you smile. Even if they look really, really stupid in the process.
  19. There’s a feeling of mutual trust.
  20. Dog person. Enough said.
  21. You’re not afraid to challenge their views. You can have meaningful discussions and have different opinions and not fall apart as a result.
  22. They make you want to try new things. They inspire your curiosity.
  23. They don’t force their interests on you.
  24. They have a solid group of friends.
  25. They’re proud of you. And they show it. Often.
  26. They’re the type of person you’d want in your life, even if it was only platonic.
  27. They do what they say they will.
  28. They ask how they can help. With the dishes, your latest work drama, your mental health.
  29. You want their advice. And they seek your advice, too.
  30. They don’t act like they know everything.
  31. They can explain something to you without talking down to your being superior about it.
  32. They don’t assume they always know what’s best for you.
  33. If they don’t know something, they admit it and ask how they can learn more.
  34. They hold the door for strangers.
  35. They have a solid sense of direction.
  36. They have goals. And are working towards them.
  37. They don’t just respond. They initiate.
  38. You have fun running errands with them.
  39. They get along with your family and friends.
  40. When you think about it, you couldn’t imagine loving anyone else. And you don’t want to.