Stop Chasing Humans Who Never Follow Through

Stop Chasing Humans Who Never Follow Through

It’s always nice when your crush shows interest in you, too. When they like your photos and comment with fire and heart emojis. When they claim to miss you and talk about how badly they want to see you in person. However, there’s a big difference between someone who says these things and someone who follows through on these things.

Stop settling for humans who keep talking about how badly they want to see you but never actually ask you on a date. Who never make room in their schedule for you and are always coming up with excuses about how they’re too busy to see you this weekend. And the next weekend. And the next. Stop settling for humans who are never able to figure out a time when they can meet up with you in person, even though they find plenty of time to hang out with their friends.

Their kind words aren’t enough if they never back them up with their actions. If they never take the next step and do what they say they’re going to do.

You deserve someone who follows through on their promises. Not someone who tells you what you want to hear to make you happy in the moment, then backs out and fails to keep their promises when push comes to shove. Anyone can make empty promises. Anyone can say the words you’ve been hoping to hear. But you deserve someone who puts effort into fulfilling those promises. You deserve someone who means it when they say they miss you and want to see you again soon. You deserve someone who takes the initiative and picks a time when you’re both free, so your vague plans become a concrete reality.

Stop chasing humans who never follow through on their promises. Stop assuming that they’re going to treat you different next time, that they’re going to change if you wait long enough, that they’re going to rise to your expectations and give you everything they’ve claimed to want in the past. Everyone makes mistakes every once in a while, but if they consistently make promises that they can’t keep, they’re lying to you. They’re stringing you along and hoping you settle for the bare minimum. They’re giving you less than you deserve and betting on you sticking around, anyway.

You don’t want to waste your time with someone who keeps making you wait until tomorrow for what you want. Especially when tomorrow never comes. Especially when they keep putting off simple things, like meeting up with you for coffee or a movie.

Stop chasing humans who never follow through because you don’t want to date someone who sets your expectations high, only to disappoint you again and again. You deserve someone with integrity, who means what they say and refuses to lie to you. You deserve someone who is going to follow through on every promise they make because they would never want to break your trust. They would never want to let you down.