Vlada Karpovich

Stop Chasing Money, Relationships, And Success And Start Doing This Instead

You see, the best things in life never have to be forced. The best things in life feel like they were always meant for you. Yes, you have to put effort into it. Yes, you have to be an action-taker and announce to the Universe what you want. But ultimately, if something is truly right for you, it will be undeniably yours without you having to force a square peg into a circle hole. 

If you have to chase someone, then you have to understand that they may not be right for you. Perhaps they never were, or maybe they were at one point in your life, but you’ve grown. You’ve changed. And now you need to find someone that effortlessly fits into your life. Because the things that are meant for you will always find you.

Remember: the relationships that last forever are the ones that were always right for you, but not all relationships are meant to last. That doesn’t mean they weren’t valuable. Some relationships were meant to serve you at a specific time in life.

Instead of chasing money, offer value to the world and those around you. The abundance you crave will find you along the way.

Instead of chasing success, offer guidance, wisdom, and knowledge. The success you crave is merely a reflection of your gifts to the world, followed by already feeling a certain way in this moment now.

Nothing in life has to be ‘chased.’ It has to find you—and you’ll know it when you see it. We’ve been told our entire lives to chase these things that will inevitably make us feel happy, when in reality, it’s in realizing that you will never feel more whole and complete in this moment now that you can only truly have those things.